Friday, February 02, 2007

Blessed Imbolc

Happy and Blessed Imbolc to all the pagans!

Tonight I am going to a circle gathering to celebrate Imbolc. It is a new group that is starting and tonight is the first meeting. I'm a little nervous as I am a mostly solitary witch. I have worked with groups before and had horrible issues within the groups which led me to practice as a solitary. I have enjoyed working as a group with a few friends that I have. We aren't an official coven, but we work together sometimes and occasionally will call on the "phone tree" for help with something. (Can anyone tell me what that reference is from?)

Anyway, I'll try to post something this weekend with my reaction to this event and my thoughts about it. From what I've heard they are expecting somewhere around 50 people (all women) and I'm just not sure I am up for that. I fully intend to stay by the door in case the claustrophobia or SAD kicks in.

So, Happy Imbolc to you.



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Jenni said...

I'd love to go to a circle meeting, but I don't have the opportunity to do so where I live.
Have fun, I hope it goes well.
And blessed be.