Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year, New beginnings...

Happy New Year to everyone! A new year always brings resolutions. I hate resolutions. I'm not making any this year. I do have some wishes and hopes in mind for the new year and I hope to make a new beginning on those. There are a few things in particular that I want to dedicate more time to in the new year.

Today was the weekly shopping trip and visit with the family. I returned a few things I'd recieved from Christmas and picked up some things I wanted. I also purchased my groceries for tomorrow. I'm having my mum and a friend over for a traditional southern new years dinner. Ham, collard greens, black eyed peas and corn bread. I'm thinking of making an apple pie for desert. I love to cook and I want to start the new year right by being home for a change. I'm usually with my Grandmother on Sunday's for lunch but I'm probably skipping tomorrow.

I'm going to try to stay up until midnight. I'm usually asleep when the new year comes in but I'd like to stay awake this year and cast a spell when the year comes in.

Happy New Year's to you all. :-)

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Catalogs rock...

I love catalogs. They show such neat stuff and give me so many great ideas for things to do. Today I recieved a catalog in the mail that was just catalogs. I found most of the ones I was interested on the web. Very cool sites.

I'm tired and am heading to bed soon. I have lots of plans for my day off tomorrow. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. :-)

Saw "Four Brothers" and "Rebound" today. Pretty good movies. Georgia Tech lost their bowl game. :-( I'm not really a tech fan but I'd have liked to have seen an ACC team win.



Wednesday, December 28, 2005

It's basketball time...and other stuff...

The heels are taking care of Asheville pretty handily. I just don't want them to get too cocky and not focus. That is when they screw up and lose. I saw a few scores a minute ago for some other ACC teams. Looks like State and UVA won but Clemson lost to UGA. Oh well...I like UGA better anyway. :-)

Michigan is leading Nebraska in the Alamo Bowl. They are still in the first half but at least they are leading. Go Wolverines...

Work tomorrow will probably be pretty boring. At least it is the last day of work for 2005. I won't have to go back until Monday. It will be nice having a long weekend. I just have to make the most of it.

Okay, here is a frustration I have. Why do people park in places that they really shouldn't? My neighbors have a nice long drive way that could easily park 3 or 4 cars, yet they constantly park in front of my house. They are parking on the street, but it is right in front of my house. I have a short drive way that has room for 1 car. When I have company and the neighbors have parked in front of my house, my company has to park a few houses down. I don't park in front of the neighbors house, can't they be nice enough to not park in front of my house? Maybe I should come home one day and park in front of their house before they get home. See how they like it. I did have a very evil thought the other day that I should put a bunch of nails in the road where they park... tsk tsk..bad witchy ...very very bad witchy...

I've been working on my scarf tonight. It is coming along very nicely. I saw a friend of mine today that owns a shop. She asked me when I was going to get unbusy so I could make her some wreaths to sell. I really need to do that. I have the materials I just always seem to run out of time. It takes about an hour for each one and I can only create them between the new moon and the day before the full moon. Once I have created them I charge them under the full moon. I know the new moon is coming up so I should get my stuff ready and begin work on them. I'd like to have 5 or 6 to take to her after the full moon. I first took her 4 and she sold two within a few hours of their arrival. The other two haven't sold, but she says not to worry that whenever she only has 2 of something they just won't sell. I remember that problem from when I worked retail. It was hard to sell anything when you only had two of them. I wonder why that is....anybody? :-)

I need to find a pic of my kitties and my beastie and put them on here. It would add something to the page I think.

Oh, while I was at the shop today I picked up a really cool book she had ordered for me. It is "The Master Grimoire". I haven't had a lot of time to look through it yet, but what I did see looks very excellent. I can't wait to start reading it. Maybe tonight? I need to finish one I've been reading before I start another. I've been reading Phyllis Curott's Witch Crafting. I'm really enjoying it.

Gonna run now, need to do a google search for sodalite.


It's been rather a slow day at the office today. I have accomplished quite a lot but it feels as if it has taken forever for the day to end. I'll get to leave soon and head out for errands and then home to relax. Well, not too much relaxation as there is a ball game on tonight that will be stressing me out a bit. My UNC Tarheels will be playing UNC Asheville and I'm hoping the heels will have a good night. Sometimes they are right on and sometimes they seem distracted and don't play well. I'm right impressed with the team this year. There was so much hype after last years win and then all the top players leaving. What ever happened to team loyalty? It really is a money hungry world. - down from the soapbox now-

I'm getting kicked out of the office so the guy can lock up...guess this means I get to leave a little early! Yay! Off to errands and home... wait...what is that I hear? THUNDER? It is!! Woo hooo...snow in 7 to 10 days! Yippeee....


Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Random stuff....

Thanks to the criminal masterminds at the network channels, I'm very frustrated right now. My two favorite shows are currently on and of course stupid me can't make my vcr tape a channel I'm not watching. (I MUST figure that out!) Everytime a commercial comes on one channel, I switch to the other hoping to see enough to know what is going on but ... the other channel is on the commercial too! Arrgghh...those bastards! :-)

Not to mention bowl games are on... looks like clemson is going to be able to pull it out. Abby from NCIS is hilarious. Geez, Mark Harmon is gorgeous. He is one of those rare men that just get better looking with age, like George Clooney and Sean Connery.

Oh, here is a tip, when purchasing tree skirts for under your holiday tree, check the label to see if it is machine washable. I found out tonight that the one I'd spent $10 on is not washable. It says to spot clean with a slightly damp cloth. Well, there is no such thing as "spot clean" with cat puke. I love my kitties, but sometimes...

Work was pretty lonesome today. I saw a total of 3 different people. There was no one in my group at the office at all. It was amazing how much stuff I got done with no one else being around. It was so slow that I was able to watch a few movies while working. I saw "Millions" - very cute and touching, "Cry Wolf" - not bad, and "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" - excellent movie, I was very impressed. I started "The Island" but didn't make it through the entire movie before it was time to go, but it was pretty good.

I need something to read. I haven't read anything great lately. I have been re-reading some Nora Roberts books. I'm not really sure what kind of reading mood I'm in. It is hard to judge sometimes. If there are any suggestions, I'd appreciate them. Of course that would imply that someone is actually reading this. (If so, sorry for the boring rubbish...) ;-)

Almost time for "House". That is an EXCELLENT show. Hugh Laurie is fabulous in that role. I had hoped to get the first season as a holiday gift (it was on my wish list) but I didn't get it. I've got to find it though. It is definitely one of my must haves. I wish they would bring back Tru Calling. I thought that was a pretty good show. Maybe they will at least release the eps they did have on DVD. That would be cool.

Anywho, I'm gonna check the laundry and do some surfing. Have a great evening.


Monday, December 26, 2005

wasted days...lonely nights...

I have done nothing today. I wasted the whole day lying on the sofa, flipping channels and sometimes reading. I really do much better with planned out days. Maybe I should have gone shopping this morning. At least I would feel like I had accomplished something. It is quiet here tonight. The kitties are all napping and the dog is in his room sleeping. Sometimes, well, often I wish there was another human that I could share my life with. Being alone all the time is very sad.

Okay, enough of the pity party. Isn't the movie Miracle on 34th St just great? I like the one from the 90's with Mara Wilson as the little girl. She is adorable. I wonder if she is still acting. Anywho, I have searched the channel guide and can't find anything I want to watch tonight. Maybe I'll put in my new DVD. Brad Pitt would be an intertaining evening. :-)

Ugh, the beast is barking his head off...I wonder what has him in an uproar. I didn't hear anything. Oh well...I had best go check the laundry. Must have something to wear when I go back to work tomorrow. At least it should be quiet at work and I can get my office area cleaned up.


Sunday, December 25, 2005

Wow, just way too much food consumed today. Why is there always so much food at family gatherings? I didn't eat that much but I still feel stuffed. :-)

I did get some cool stuff. Garden clogs for working in the yard, a toolbox full of tools, clothes, 2nd season Charmed DVD, Mr and Mrs Smith DVD, gift card to Home Depot and a local mall and cash. Cash is always good.

Anywho, one more day off then back to work. Hopefully it will be a slow week. I would really like that. Best run for now, the beast is whining to go out. Blessings


Saturday, December 24, 2005

400 channels and nothing to watch...

How can there be over 400 channels on TV and nothing worth watching? I'm sooooo bored. I need to go to bed as I must be up by 5am to get started on the cooking. However, I'm not really ready to go to bed yet. I had a lousy time last night. I went to dinner with family and was miserable. Since last year I've just not been good around people. It hurts so much to be around families and children. Sometimes I still think hear a baby crying even when there is no one around. Well, I'm sure the goddess has her reason, but I wish she'd have explained it or at least let me understand why.

Back to the tv...Lifetime is not a fun channel. Why is everything on there so depressing? Only one football game on tonight and I'm not familiar with the teams so that is out. At least my NFL team did well today. Go STEELERS!!

I started a new scarf tonight. It's the color of fall leaves. It is really beautiful. I wasn't certain I would like the yarns I put together but so far it is lovely.

I guess that is it for tonight... blessings


Friday, December 23, 2005

day off and shopping

So, why is it on my only day off all i want to do is stay in bed. Today it may have to do with the fact that it is 27 degrees outside and very cold in the house. I have so much I want to do to my new house and just general maintenance that should be done but I just want to sleep. I guess depression does that to a person. I dispise the holidays. They aren't any fun when you don't have children or family to share the time with. At least I'm finished with shopping. Shopping during the holidays is the worst. I don't know what comes over people but they just become so rude. Why is that? I know everyone is busy and in a hurry to get things done, however, some decent curtesy would go a long way. Well, just my 2 cents I suppose.

I still haven't figured out why I started this blog. I guess I'll just keep typing when I feel the need and it will all work itself out.

I sure do wish it would snow. I LOVE the snow. It makes everything so clean and beautiful.

I think I'll go work on my snow spell now.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

First Time

"Earth as Body become Me
Air as Life breathe through Me
Fire as Spirit consme Me
Water as Blood flow through Me
Spirit as Guide lead Me"
- Elemental Call by Savannah Skye
- from the Seasons of the Witch Weekly 2006