Friday, June 30, 2006

Fun on a Friday...

It's Friday again. It is amazing how long it seems to take to get here and then when it is here it feels like it was just Friday yesterday. :-)

I mowed last night and weeded the veggie bed again. I've almost got it cleaned out. All the rain we've been having makes the weeds grow so much faster. I still haven't made it to the herb bed, but I looked at it today and it is in very bad shape. I'll have to get out there soon. Maybe tonight. I'm waiting on SIL to call. We are going to meet for a shopping expedition when she gets off work. We get together every once in a while to check out our favorite stores (like Bath and Body) and also check out places we haven't been before. Today we are going to World Market and possibly Bed, Bath and Beyond.

I'm very proud of myself today. 'T' called me about an hour after I had left work and wanted me to meet him for lunch. I turned him down. I don't think he really was interested in food and I just don't want that any more. After the last time I really thought about how he treats me and how I feel about it and I just don't need to feel that way about myself. So...I'll take it one step at a time but hopefully we've both learned whatever Karmic lesson we needed to learn from each other and can let go and move on. I know I'm trying to do just that.

I need to do some cleaning tonight. I paid the bills earlier this afternoon and was pleasantly surprised at how well it went. I even have a little left! (Unbelievable!) Anywho, I need to go through today's mail and make sure I haven't recieved any surprises. I may write more later this evening. {Especially if I make discover some good finds on our shopping trip!}


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Roll me down the hill...

I am so full I need someone to just roll me around as opposed to my walking anywhere. Some of my coworkers and I went to our favorite Mexican place for lunch and I really ate a lot of food. I had the lunch fajitas and it was the best fajitas I've ever had. I usually get the chimichanga (sp?) but today I felt like having something different and it was fabulous!

To the right is a picture of the first zucchini I've ever grown and harvested! I put it beside a quarter so that I'd have something to reference the size to. I was very happy when I went to the garden and found that last night! :-)

Tonight is bridge night with the family. My grandmother doesn't have anyone to play with at her retirement center so my mum, brother and I are going to play with her. I hope this doesn't become a weekly thing because I really don't like bridge. Plus I'm not good at it. Anyway, just wanted to post a little today. Work has been slow but frustrating. It is amazing how quickly and how wasteful people can be with someone else's money.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I forgot to mention...

...that the rain finally stopped tonight. The sun even came out for a while. I think the clouds are gathering again, but they don't look like rain clouds.

I went out and checked the garden during one of the breaks in rain and picked a nice looking zucchini. I'll post a pic tomorrow. My jalapenos are getting bigger but aren't quite ready to be picked. Everything seems to be growing really well. I just need the tomatoes to start ripening. :-)

Blinkies and credit companies

Waaaaa.... I can't figure out how to make the blinkies work without direct linking (which is a no-no, I know)... waaaaaaaa.

Okay, how was that for a temper tantrum? :-)

I hate credit companies. I have this account that I set up a year ago to help in paying for my eye surgery. I have made the required (actually more than) monthly payments every month until this one. This one is late because I was doing balance transfers to pay off the account. Well, long story short things got messed up and most of it is due to false information from the original credit company (like wrong acct numbers and stuff). So now they are calling me threatening me with legal action for being...wait for it.... 23 days late. 23!!! I've heard of legal action after 60 or 120? But 23? Argh, my blood is boiling after talking to them. They of course called me and I ended up talking to two different people, neither of whom paid any attention to what I was saying.

So, now I'm pissed. I want to get this account paid and closed and I may even pay off the other account I have with them (that I have had for at least 5 years with no problems) and close it out. I am so pissed off!

Now I'm off to do some research on this blinkie thing... and also watch NCIS and House.

Rain rain go away...

I'm really getting tired of all the rain. We have had rain non stop since Friday. I know that isn't a long time to some people, but I'm really tired of it. I like the fact that I don't have to water the garden, but it also keeps me from being out in the yard, weeding and playing. My poor herb bed is suffocating under all the weeds and the rain just makes them grow that much faster. I hope it clears up enough that I can mow tonight and maybe weed a little bit.
I'm watching Andre Agassi play in his last Wimbledon. Hopefully today won't be his last match! He didn't start out too well, but is making a come back. He's been one of my favorite players since he started playing professionally. I guess I could relate to him because of being so close in age.

(In the headphones: System - Chester Bennington of Linkin Park {Queen of the Damned Soundtrack})

My sunburn must be healing because my back and shoulders are itching like crazy! I can't keep from scratching! My co-workers must think I'm nuts because of all the writhing I'm doing in my chair. I keep rubbing my back against the chairback hoping it will give some relief. Alas, no relief in sight...

(In the headphones: Too Bad - Nickelback)

I'm getting really frustrated at work. I don't know how much more I can take. It's gotten to the point that when I hear something that is going to irritate me I immediately put on my headphones and turn up the volume so that I don't hear what they are saying. I know I'm missing out on a lot, but it is either that or go off. It amazes me how the older I get the shorter my temper seems to be. It upsets me to see myself be so controlled by my feelings and other peoples actions but I don't know how to make it stop.

(In the headphones: My Goodbyes - Saliva)

Well, I should probably get off of here and get some work done. I do have a project I need to work on, but don't have the assistance that I would like. Guess I'll have a go at it and see if I can get it to work.

Oh...did I mention I've become addicted to Blinkies? I found some last night while surfing that I just love. I'll put them up soon...


Monday, June 26, 2006

Welcome to my garden...

(In the headphones: Collide - Howie Day)

Here are a few pictures from my garden. They may be kind of grainy because I'm using a palm handheld to take the pictures as I don't have a digital camera (yet!). :-)
The picture above is one of my tomato plants.

This is my jalapeno plant.

(in the headphones: Goodbye to You - Michelle Branch)

This is one of my habanero plants.

(In the headphones: I Stand Alone - Godsmack)

I have more pictures that I might post later. Can you tell I'm bored again? At least if I was at home I could get some stuff done around the house. I have to find a break between the rain and get to weeding my herb bed. It is full of weeds and I don't want them to smother my beautiful herbs. I've already lost my mandrake, I don't want to loose anymore.
(In the headphones: Colorblind - Counting Crows)

My back goes from itching to burning every so often and it is driving me crazy. I can't believe I forgot to put on sunscreen. Now that the new moon has come I can begin putting together more wreaths. I didn't get anywhere with them before that last full moon. I just couldn't seem to get to them. I will this time though. They have decided on a date for that book discussion so soon I will be finished with that one and can take it off my list! Yay!
(In the headphones: Fade - Staind)

At the lake this weekend was a family member I wasn't expecting to see. Someone I had hoped to never see again. It was very hard to sit there and be nice when all I wanted to do was punch him in the face. I tried to stay as far away from him as possible. At least he didn't try to hug me like everyone else. I swear if he'd tried I'd have lost it. My SIL said she didn't feel comfortable around him and was also unhappy to see he was there. She and I basically hung out together the whole time. I don't think we went far from each other. My brother was playing with our young cousins and riding a ski-do.
(In the headphones: The Chemicals Between Us - Bush)

They are calling for more rain here tonight. I hope for a break so I can get in the herb bed. I need to mow but I don't think that will happen tonight. I always feel like I don't have enough time in the evenings to get anything done. When it gets dark, I'm ready to sleep. (Don't know why that is...) By the time I get home, get the mail, feed the kids, change clothes and give the dog his shot it is almost 7. Maybe I don't use my time wisely. I'll have to look into that.

(In the headphones: Comedown - Bush)
I guess I should go now. I should try to get some work done. I only have two more hours to sit here...blech. Maybe it will go faster than the rest of the day has.
(In the headphones: Golddigger - Kanye West)


Hot Hot Hot...

It has been so hot here lately. I don't like Hot. I spent Friday afternoon working in the yard and my back is now as red as a stoplight. Boy does it hurt! I never even thought about needing to put on sunscreen, but when I went in the house after a storm came up I started to feel the burn. I got a lot done and my front yard looks so much better. Saturday I spent the day with family at the lake and went fishing and stuff. The only think I caught was a little brim, but it was still fun. I hope to go again soon. Sunday I spent at my mom's cooking and playing waitress because my mom was getting her patio bricked and I was in charge of food and beverages. Which was much better than being out in the heat. :-)

I spent the solstice at the local arboretum with some friends. There was a solstice celebration there with fairies, drumming, butterfly release and performance art. It was pretty nice. The park is a few blocks from my house so I walked up there and met my friends that I hadn't seen in a while. It was so good to see them and spend time with them. I hope we will get together again soon.

Tonight I hope to finish in the front yard and also get my patio furniture set up. That was the one thing I had wanted to get done on Friday that didn't get done. I also hope to pick some jalapenos tonight. :-) Yum Yum...

Well, I have a lot going on at work so I better get back to it. I might write more later...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Blessed Litha

Happy and Blessed Solstice to everyone! I hope it is a beautiful day for you all.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I'm so bored! It has been a very quiet and slow day. I've been at my desk all day (since about 7:10) and haven't had to go anywhere or do much of anything. If I was in an office by myself I would have pulled out some knitting or a book. But I share a room with eight other people so I can't really sit and knit. :-(
So, mostly I put my headphones on and listen to music or put in a movie and watch it. But...I'm still so bored! I keep thinking about all the stuff I could do if I was at home. And especially today I would want to be busy all day. I was hoping the day would fly by so I could get to my appointment. But it is not to be. Another hour and 15 minutes before I can leave for the Dr. and find out what my test results were...

Currently in my headphones is the Marilyn Manson version of Sweet Dreams. I must say I really like that version. I loved the Eurythmics song, but I think Marilyn's version rocks.

Oh, I'm thinking about getting another tattoo. I have been wanting one for the longest time. Since shortly after I acquired my first one. What I would like to have is a triquetra on the inside of my wrist. However, if I did that, I'd have to cover it with makeup until my Grandmother passed away. She would have an absolute fit and make life a living hell. Plus, I really just don't want to upset her...and believe me, she'd be upset. I don't want to have tons of tattoos on my body, I like tattoos and I think that one should have as many as a person likes, however I just don't want a ton. I would like to have one I guess I'll wait.

(Now playing on headphones: Sympathy - Goo Goo Dolls)

I still haven't finished the book I was to read for our group at work. I'm working on it though. I hope to finish it tonight or tomorrow. No one has said anything about when we are having our discussion so I guess I'll just keep reading until then.

(Now playing on headphones: Sweet Surrender - Sarah McLachlan)

Okay, so I don't know why I feel the need to keep putting in there what is playing on my headphones. I guess to give some examples of the music I like. (I have a very eclectic ear.) Maybe if I just keep typing random stuff, the time will go faster. It is already just an hour before I leave.
(Now playing on headphones: Excess - Tricky {Thirteen Ghosts Soundtrack})

I have two books from the library that I want to read before I return them but they are due next week. I've actually renewed them twice and I don't think I can renew them a third time. I wanted to read them but felt pressed to finish that other book (which I still haven't finished). Maybe they will let me renew one more time. I hope so. Then I picked up a Nora Roberts the other day (it is a combo of two of her old silhouette books) that I want to read and I want to read Da Vinci Code. Geez, with all that reading how will I find time for knitting? :-) I need to, I haven't done any knitting in a while.

(Now playing on headphones: Hey Baby - No Doubt)

(Now playing on headphones: Criminal - Fiona Apple)

And on that note, I shall leave the world of least for a little while.



Wow, I'm tired. Last night after work I mowed the yard and then weeded my veggie garden until dark. My back was so stiff from bending over so much. But it looks much better. I came in after 9, took a shower and went to bed. I tried to watch a little of the hockey game, but I was too beat to try to follow what was going on. I know absolutely nothing about hockey.

I'm very happy with the progress of my plants. I hope to take pictures tonight. If I do, I'll try to post some later. I've been rescuing plants from my mum's house and trying to save them. She is really bad about killing houseplants. I've brought one to work with me to get the opinion of a co-worker who is a wonder with plants. She thinks it may be too far gone, but I'm going to try to give it a little love and see what happens. My house is turning into a nursery with all the plants I have.

Today is D-day. I'm very apprehensive about it. D-day for me is doctor day. I have my six month checkup this afternoon and am waiting to get the all clear. I had the CT over a month ago but don't get the results until today. So, I've been quite anxious all this time. I hate having to go every six months. By the time I get over the anxiety of one visit, it is time for the next. At least I only have to do this for another 3 and 1/2 years.

Well, I better get to work. If it isn't busy I'll probably work on my binding I want to do tonight, because of course, I was very tired.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Busy little bee...

I've been busy this weekend. Did I get my yard mowed? No... but that is okay! I spent Saturday driving around town looking for patio furniture and getting very disappointed. And Sunday I went to the local Garden Ridge and lo and behold what did I find? A patio furniture set that I liked and could actually afford! They also had a chase lounge chair (did I spell that right) that kind of matched and a little table to put beside the lounge chair. I got those pieces, 4 chairs and a table for less than $350. I was so very happy! Now I have to find cushions and an umbrella. I looked several places yesterday but didn't see anything I liked. Hopefully I'll find something soon. Yay! Tonight I must mow so that my yard will be pretty! Oh and the veggies are progressing nicely even if the garden needs desperately to be weeded. I have jalepeno peppers, bell peppers, tomatos, squash and zucchini growing up. I have blooms on my habenero plants so hopefully soon I'll have those too! I can't wait to be able to harvest.

According to my Seasons of the Witch day planner, tomorrow is the ONLY day this year with MAXIMUM spell power for bindings. So... I'm planning a binding spell for tomorrow. I need to get my plan together and check that I have everything I need which I hope I do because the local witch supply shop is closed on Mondays.

Well, I guess I better get back to work. The boss lady is sitting across from me and keeps looking at me funny. Course, she always looks at me funny. I don't think she likes me. But...who cares! :-)


Friday, June 16, 2006

I'm an idiot...

So last weeks message was, yay for friday...this week...I'm an idiot. I truly am. I just spent the past 10 minutes or so doing something I said I would not do again and being miserable while I was doing it. Which by the way, one should never feel 'miserable' while doing. If you've read the blog before you can probably guess what I just did. No, it wasn't playing was "time" with 'T'. I really shouldn't have...and really wish I hadn't. It wasn't even any fun. Actually it felt more like a chore, like mowing the yard or sweeping the floor than fun. Maybe if I can just remember how it felt this time then next time I'm asked I'll say NO. I must learn to say NO to him. He is so bad for me and it isn't like he loves me or anything. Sometimes I don't think he even likes me. So why...why do I continue to be with a man that doesn't love me and has no intentions of ever taking what you could never call a relationship anywhere? Because, dear people... I ... am ... an ... idiot.


Saturday, June 10, 2006


Isn't that the name of a U2 song? Well, I have, not the song, the illness. Last night after playing poker, I stood up, the world tilted and I fell on my a**. I have been dizzy and nauseous since. No appetite, and just burning up. My face is flushed, my eyes look like I'm on something and my brain is very fuzzy. I feel confused, but I don't know what I'm confused about! I finally went to the doc this afternoon at the insistance of my mum and they say I have Vertigo. In the middle of the exam, I went into a full blown panic attack. I haven't had one of those in close to 5 years. I think it was more scary to me than the dizziness and stuff. So, I'm taking dramimine and "resting". This sucks.
I need to mow the yard, weed the herb bed and the vegetable garden and I HAVE to make my wreaths! I'm going to rest for a little while and then pull out my supplies and get to work. I saw that HBO has "Skeleton Key" on tonight. I think I'll have to watch that. :-)
Well, I'm off to try to 'rest'. Maybe more later after I get some work done on my wreaths.

Friday, June 09, 2006


Thank the Gods it is finally Friday! I'm so glad that I won't have to be in this place for a few days. I'm really beginning to hate it. There are days when it feels like a Gestapo. It's been such a hectic week and next week I expect it to get worse. But at least I have my home and garden and my knitting to keep me sane. :-)
Well, that is if I can stay off of Titan Poker long enough to do some of the other things. :-) Last night I went home and ended up spending about 3 and a half hours playing poker online. I couldn't believe that I wasted so much time. There are so many things I need to do and want to do and that wasn't one of them. But if you get started it is addictive and hard to quit. Tonight, I refuse to log on to their site! I have wreaths to make before Sunday's full moon and I MUST get them done. I also have weeding to do and I hope to reinstall the OS on my pc this weekend.
And of course, there is the requisite Grandmother duty. I'll probably spend most of tomorrow and Sunday with her during the days. But the nights are mine!
My garden is really coming along. I went out there yesterday morning and checked it out and I have tons of blooms on my squash, zucchini and tomato plants. I also have blooms on my jalepeno plant. Yay!
Anyway, less than two hours to go before I'm free! I have to go to my favorite shop for supplies for the wreaths before I head home. I may try to leave a little early today since I didn't take a lunch. :-)
Maybe I'll post more later if I have anything interesting to say.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Title?...don't have one...

Last night was rearranging night. I've spent several hours rearranging two rooms in my house and trying to get some stuff put away and organized. It looks so much better now. I love the way my living room turned out. It really opens it up more and makes it feel and look bigger than it is. I also rearranged my office/guest room/craft room. There is room to move around now. Yay!
Tonight is piddle around the house night and then I'm playing in an online poker tournament later. My family has gotten me hooked on Titan Poker. I can't believe I'm playing this stuff. Anyway, I'm hoping to get started on my wreaths tomorrow night. I pretty much have a plan for what to do and now just need to execute. I'm also wanting to reload my pc. I need to wipe it out and reinstall EVERYTHING! So, I'd best get busy on some things that need to be done, opening email and snail mail before that game.
So...adios for the evening...

Friday, June 02, 2006

Thunder and Lightning

I love thunderstorms. Have I mentioned that before? I really love them. We have had quite a few boomers the past few days. In fact, we had a rain so hard today that at one point people were stopped on the interstate because of the lack of visibility.

I hung my pretty new flag last night. And since it was raining I didn't have to work in the yard. I should be out there now during the lull in the storm, but I need to pay bills. Payday was this past Wednesday and I still haven't paid my bills. Gotta get on that before I get in trouble. :-)

I had my hair trimmed today and met with a new hairstylest. We are going to highlight my hair instead of completely coloring it and then two weeks later I'm getting a spiral perm. I can't wait! It has been almost two years since I was able to get a good treatment from a stylest. The last time I had it trimmed was at Great Clips and she butchered my hair. It was crooked and all kinds of messed up. I will never go back there again. 3 strikes and OUT! :-)

Anyway, tomorrow is strawberry day and then dinner for my mum's birthday. I'd like to get some of my houseplants repotted. That may have to wait until Sunday though.

I'm off to pay the bills...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Random ramblings...

I hadn't posted in a while so I thought I would do a quick one while on a break at work. I spent last night mowing my yard and weeding in my vegetable garden. I have blooms on my squash, jalapeno and all three of my tomato plants. I have buds on my zuccini and habanero pepper plants. I still have a lot more to weed in the garden but I worked until dark. Maybe tonight when I get home I can work on it some more. We are supposed to have storms tonight, which I would absolutely love! I was able to spend some time with my 5 year old cousin over the weekend. It was so much fun. She is so full of energy and is so sweet. We had a blast! I also purchased some new yarn at Michaels. They had Modea Aerie yarn on sale for 2-something when it is normally 10-something. I got three skeens in a pretty orangeish color.

I need to get back to my knitting but there always seems to be something else that needs to be done. I also need to make more spirit wreaths. I have 9 days to get them made so the can be charged on the full moon. I haven't decided which theme to go with on them, but I'd best make a decision soon. :-) I'll probably do protection and maybe a unity theme. Prosperity is always a good one. Anywho, I'll decide in the next day or so and update my project list on site.

This morning I woke with a splitting migraine. Ugh...