Tuesday, November 27, 2007

knitting pictures

I have finally had time to sit down and copy my pictures from my camera to my PC. Now I can show you pictures of my sock! I'm still working on the mate. I have to go get help tomorrow as I've forgotten what I'm supposed to do at this point and can't make sense of the directions.

I really enjoy knitting the socks and I've already bought yarn for two more pairs. :-)

Thanksgiving was very different this year. We had our family celebration on Saturday. I was able to spend a lot of time with my little cousins. They are so adorable and they are growing up so fast!

My house is all decorated for Yule with only one thing missing...the tree. I'm planning to get it on Thursday after work. Almost all of my gifts have been purchased already so I just have to wrap and get a couple of little things. I've been looking through so many magazines and blogs that have crafting as a topic and I have so many ideas in my head. I was given some of my grandmothers jewelry that I think could be turned into some neat projects.

I need to find time to work out all these ideas. Maybe if any of them turn out, I'll post them here and see what you think.

I'm going to take off now. I started back swimming yesterday morning and need to get my stuff ready for in the morning. I have a killer headache right now and want to get ready to go to bed.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm still here...

Really, I am. I just haven't had time to post. I finished the first sock and have started the other one. I really like the sock knitting! I have pictures, just not with me right now, but I promise to post them soon.

I'm so glad that work is almost to a break. I just can't stand it right now and really want to change careers. I'm going to have to do a lot more thinking on that.

Anyway, I'm around and have been reading blogs just not posting. I promise to come out of Gilmore land at some point and put up a real post with pictures and everything. (Season 7 of Gilmore Girls arrived in my mailbox this past Friday and I've spent a good deal of time watching it since I never saw it when it originally aired.)




Friday, November 09, 2007

Never give up...

Yesterday's post was very sad and pitiful. Today after a visit with a friend, I'm feeling much better about things. She reminded me that I should never give up on something that I am so passionate about. After I told her about the property and my predicament, she reminded me that I have it in myself to make it happen. She really made me feel better about myself and about the situation.

With that in mind, I've decided not to give up hope. I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure the universe knows what I want and helps me to get it. I have some magickal workings I'll be doing starting tonight, on the new moon. And I'll be bringing in some of the hoodoo aspects that I am learning. I know deep down that it is where I belong and I will reach my goal.

I'll post when something breaks!

Now, on the knitting front, I also have a never give up attitude. Last night when I started back on the sock, I was very frustrated with it and decided to just rip it out and give it up. After about 10 minutes of moping about not being able to knit socks, I started it all over again and I think it is coming along well. I plan to work on it tonight while I watch Ghost Whisperer and Lisa Williams and America's Best Psychic (or whatever it is called).

I'm off to give the beast his medicine and then start some work on my project.



Thursday, November 08, 2007

new dreams fade away...

I found out today that I will not be able to afford the property that I have been looking at purchasing. I can get the loan without a problem, but I would not have enough money to live on each month after the house payment was made.

I think the reason that I never became too excited about this opportunity was that I knew it wouldn't happen. I have begun to expect any dream that I have to be shot down or taken away. The only good thing that came from my meeting today was that I learned that I could actually afford more than I thought I could. I suppose I will keep looking for a property like the one I wanted, but I don't believe I will ever find it.

I've been wondering what I did in a past life or even in this one to deserve so much heartbreak. I think I've had more than my fair share. It would be nice if at least one of my dreams could come true.

I've been told on more than one occasion that I am an empath. It makes it so much harder to hold back the pain when I have to feel everyone else's too.

This has hit me harder than I'd thought. I hope to put an end to the pity party tonight and will be back to regular posting tomorrow. Maybe I'll try some knitting to ease the pain. Or maybe I'll just go to bed early.


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

We have HEAT, baby!

Yes, we have heat! This morning around 1:30 I woke up freezing my booty off and decided it was time to turn on the heat. When I flipped the switch, nothing...nada...zilch. Being 1:30 am I refused to go outside in the 30 degree temperatures to check the breaker and I could not find batteries to change in the controller so I added two more blankets to the bed, snuggled up to the dog and then went back to sleep.

Work was a nightmare today so I wasn't able to address the heat issue until this afternoon. Luckily, when I flipped the breaker off and then back on and went to try the heat again, the furnace kicked right in. What a relief! It is supposed to get down to 27 tonight and I don't think I could have taken it. :-)

Sock class was last night and let me tell you, I have a new found appreciation for anyone who can actually knit socks. How in the world do you hold all those needles? I had to start over three times but may be getting the hang of it. I'm trying to decide if I want to work on the computer tonight or if I want to knit. I should probably knit while I can remember what she told us, but part of me wants to just surf the net tonight.


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sock night...

Tonight is a sock night, in more ways than one. Tonight was the first of my two sock knitting classes. I'm so confused! I have a lot of work to do before next week's class. Next week we will be turning the heel and finishing up. I didn't make it very far tonight as I kept ending up with more stitches than I should have on two of the needles. I'll try to post a picture tomorrow.

The other reason that it is sock night is because it is COLD! I think it is supposed to get below freezing tonight. I never did finish digging out the garden. Tomorrow night's low is supposed to be 27. I think it will be this weekend before I can get in the yard. Oh well...

I've still been thinking about the change that I want to make. It seems to be all I can think about. I have made an appointment with a banking officer for Thursday to see if I could qualify for a loan because if I can't, there is no reason to continue thinking about it. I'm also feeling a pull toward a different career and am looking into what I would need to change my type of job. It would require my going back to school and I don't know that I could do that if I bought this property. I don't know if I could afford it financially, but I could maybe take one class here or there to start out and see if it is really what I want.

So, no real news on the possible big changes. I'm headed off to bed now so that I can get up in the morning and get to the gym to swim.


Sunday, November 04, 2007

Whirlwind and knitting

This week has been an absolute whirlwind of activity. On Halloween, we had a party at work and I was part of the "entertainment". I was to be the "gypsy fortune teller". I did tarot readings from 8:30am until after 1:15pm. I was shocked at how many people wanted readings. I was also kind of surprised at how accurate most everyone said I was. I know I shouldn't doubt my abilities, but it has been ages since I have done readings.

Anyway, the most disturbing reading I gave was for someone who has been referred to on this blog before as T for trouble. I hate seeing myself in a reading. Ugh... I tried to explain what I saw, but I don't think T took it seriously. I hope he did otherwise things could be grim for him.

Okay, so now to the rest of the whirlwind, I have spent almost every waking moment knitting on the baby sweater for my s-i-l's sis. I was doing really well until I finished the second sleeve on Friday night and discovered when I held it up that the sleeve was in the middle of the back. Duh! I had to pull it out and then start that part over again. I did get it finished 15 minutes before I was to give it to her. Here it is:

I'm really pleased with how it turned out and with how I did in fixing my mistakes on my own. Most important the mom to be loved it. :-)

Yesterday, I took a ride up the mountain to look at a house that I am interested in. In this post I wrote about needing to find a new dream. Well, I may have found it. The home I am looking at is 1 hour and 30 minutes from my job. That is the only negative thing about this property. The house was built in 1828 and sits in the middle of 68 acres of land, most of it wooded. There is also a nice stream that runs through the property and it has a great old barn and a nice sized workshop that is relatively new and wired. I am really crazy about this property. It is exactly what I have wanted for more years that I can count.

The price is a little more than I'm comfortable with but I think it is doable. I just don't know who long I can drive 3 hours a day to work. If I decide to buy this property, it would be a serious life change. I know it is where I should be. Even before going to see it, I did a working on the night of the full moon to start the process flowing. I admit, I am a little scared. It would be such a change. I would be very much on my own. I'm so used to having my family close by and not having to take care of everything on my own. But it really is something I want.

I know, I've started rambling. I think I'm trying to work this out in my head, by writing here. Well, I'm going to stop writing about it and just leave it at this. I'm going to meditate on it and also ask my guardians to help me decide what to do. I'm sure I'll post about it again.

Well, I'm off to relax. My whole body needs to stretch and relax from all the tension in getting that sweater finished. Hmmm, I wonder what is on the TV tonight.