Sunday, April 26, 2009

altars and herbs

On my other blog, I participate in the Photo Hunters project. This weeks topic was "Protect(ion)". After giving some thought to what I would like to photograph, I decided to use my protection altar for the shot. After taking a photo, I ended up taking photos of several of my altars.

I have several altars setup in my home. Each one is important to me and is used for various things, including rootwork/conjure jobs, witchcraft spells, and honoring ancestors or various Lwa.

Here is a peak at several of my altars...

blessing altar

enemy altar

an altar for Maman Bridgette - this photo is from last summer and the altar has changed a lot. i guess i need a more recent photo...

this altar is for Ayida Wedo

I have more altars than these. I have a money altar, my main altar and an ancestor altar. I also keep a St. Michael candle burning in my kitchen window (it faces THE neighbor's house) and have a St. Michael card there so it could be considered a small protection altar.

This week there were several herb sales around the area. Normally I go to the two big sales, but this year I just went to the one at our local farmers market. I really racked up on plants. :-)

I got several very cool plants of the medicinal/magical variety. I bought Holy Basil, Joe Pye Weed (also known as Queen of the Meadow or Gravel Root), Purple Coneflower, Self-Heal, Russian Comfrey, Foxglove, Calendula, Anise Hyssop, Lemon Verbena, Bay Tree, Pennyroyal, Blue Vervain. I also bought Parsley, Italian Basil, Oregano and Cilantro.

So, does anyone else grow their own magical/medicinal herbs or have altars set up in their home?



The Frog Queen said...

What a lovely blog. Oh yes, I have an altar in my "magic" room which husband prefers me to call the "music" room (my piano and his guitar are in there also.) Husband has finally learned not to put anything on there, including car keys or mail!! :)

I do have a lovely herb garden full of useful plants.

To complete my tree collection, I have a hawthorn and a willow, just need to plant my oak tree this fall.

Nice to find a likeminded spirit!


Kokomo Born said...

Your blog is great. I am an oler Crone Witch in the houston area. I just found you as I was doing a search for something else.
Blessings on you and yours.
Gypsy Star
Btw I make Runes from a Lightning Struck Oak and they seem to be particularly telling! :)

Sara said...

I have an alter in my home...I'll have to take a photo of it one day...

I do not have much knowledge about alters - but, I set one up a long time ago and have kept one in my home for about ten years.

Patricia said...

I try and grow some herbs but my gardening this spring has been a bit awkward and I have really neglected starting any seeds except tomato! My parsley and dill always come up every year without having to re-seed so I will at least have them...more for cooking than healing though. I have one altar, it's sad, I kinda hide it upstairs in a tiny room. I have a few things downstairs, a little leaf plate with some acorns, a crystal, a piece of hematite and a leaf pin on it, I also keep a feather nearby this little nature collection that holds meaning for me. Nothing as elaborate and lovely as yours!

Siren Says said...

Herbs & altars, yes indeed! I am not growing a lot this year, but have lemon balm, peppermint, spearmint & garlic chives going at the moment. I have 1 main altar indoors, which currently has daffodils & tulips for Beltane. Outdoors, I have a Green Man face hanging from the fence, w/jasmine planted below as a type of outdoor altar. I evolve that area different ways according to the season. Further down in the yard, I have offerings for Esu & a candle for him, which I often meditate on while outdoors.