Thursday, October 02, 2008

Where I talk about something other than me...

Well, maybe this will be a little about me or my feelings on a certain subject. I have a question.

Why is Casey Anthony not in jail? Why has she not been put under the jail, put on the rack, hung by her toenails and disemboweled, given electric shock treatment, or truth serum or something...until she tells us where her daughter is? She has not said a single truth in this entire event. She knows what happened to her daughter, she knows where she is and so do her parents. She should be tortured!

This reminds me of Susan Smith from many years ago. You remember, the woman who claimed she had been carjacked with her two small children in the backseat but it turned out she drove them into a lake and watched them drown.

People like this make me violently ill. She is guilty and I know it. It is one of those "knowings" although I don't think there is anyone in the world that actually believes she is innocent.

Casey Anthony better hope we never meet. I think I would probably beat the living hell out of her if I ever came face to face with her.

Light a candle, say a prayer for little Caylee Anthony and hope that wherever she is, she is safe now and loved.



Patricia said...

Right on sistah!!!

Meia said...

I don't believe anyone should be tortured, even someone who has tortured an innocent child. Torturing just keeps the cycle going, and doesn't help the victim any. The guilty person is not going to become a better person for being tortured; they'll become worse. If psychological treatment and medication don't help them, they should be kept away from others. Like, forever.

Laura said...

patricia - thanks

meia - I understand your point and respect your opinion. Under normal circumstance I would not condone torture. However, I am very protective of children. I feel that when a defensless child is missing and in harms way, any means necessary is justified in trying to find said child. And, I agree that the person who caused the harm should be locked away forever. Thanks for your comments.