Saturday, May 09, 2009

Wise Woman Ways

This year I signed up to take a course about wise woman healing. It is an apprenticeship type course, where we meet once a month for nine months. This year is part one of the course and there are two more years after this one.

Today was class number 4 and we made motherwort tinctures and st. joan's wort oils. I am having a wonderful time with this course. We have been shown how to make tinctures, oils, decoctions, infusions and balms/ointments. I've been introduced to plants I've not come in contact with before, like stinging nettle (it really deserves that name too). I've also been introduced to permaculture gardening, which is something I'm going to have to research.


I've been adding to my herbal garden, finding plants like stinging nettle, joy pye weed (also known as gravel root), anise hyssop, holy basil, self-heal, job's tears, calendula and comfrey. It's been fun adding plants of both medicinal and magical uses.

All these plants are of course causing me to spend most of my time in the gardens. If the weather is not bad and the sun is still shining, I'm to be found in the garden. I still have lots to plant and lots of sections to clear out before I can plant. It is good for me, it helps me exercise, it allows me to work out some frustrations (pulling up and clearing out sections) but best of all, it helps me to reconnect to nature and the earth.

I'm not sure that I want to become an herbalist, but I think that the things I'm learning will help to make me a better witch. :-)



Dracenea said...

That is really neat. I've always been drawn to herbs and am curious to know what each of them can do. I agree that working with them helps us to be closer to nature and the earth. What a wonderful feeling!

Touchatou said...

You'll see, plants are a wonderful world to themselves ! Finding them in the wild is what I like most : I feel linked to nature and it's blessings.
Keep telling us about your discoveries, it's fascinating !

The Frog Queen said...

Lovely. Gardening is one of my favorite therapies and herbal gardening is so rewarding. Most of the herbs in my magic cabinet are from plants in my garden. I don't grow the same ones each year so I can have a large collection of dried herbs and add new ones each year.

Keep sharing. I love to hear how other people’s journeys progress.

Sandy said...

I've been exploring native plants and herbs myself, and am taking a 6 month course online, though I'm sure I'll want some face-to-face instruction. There's a course Susun Weed offers that sounds interesting. I'm also adding to my own herb garden...many new varieties this year. I blog about it occasionally.