Tuesday, March 25, 2008

bloom day...

I've decided to post, at least once a week about my plants/garden/whatever I have blooming around me. I really love plants and working in the garden but i don't feel that I talk about it enough or do it enough. Hopefully this will inspire me to do more. :-)

Today's bloom day photo is crocus. These beautiful purple flowers are blooming in my side yard. Unfortunately they aren't where I can see them on a regular basis. I have to go outside or stand at the breakfast room window on my toes in order to see them. Having the picture helps me to enjoy them more.

I've been giving some thought to having some of my pictures framed. I am by no means a great photographer, but occasionally I feel like I hit on a really good one.

Sunday was pretty slow. I didn't get to do any readings, but I did get to hang out with my friend. I also found a new tarot deck. It is the Llewellyn Tarot. I was a little turned off by the name because I'm not a big fan of Llewellyn Publishers, but when I looked at the pictures, they are just beautiful! It is based on the Welsh legends and it resonates with me, probably because of my welsh heritage. :-) I can't wait to start using them. I may end up reading with those instead of the Robin Wood that I currently use. For all my spell work, I use the Druid Tarot. I like the images in that one too.

Time for me to go. The broom is in the shop waiting to be picked up. I need to mow, but probably will wait until tomorrow (I bought a new mower this weekend and need to learn how to use it!) and I have some crafty stuff I am itching to get to. Only an hour left of work and then I'm free for a few more hours. :-)



Jennybug said...

I love this idea, posting about your plants. In the fall I planted a million bulbs, (OK maybe 50) and I am so excited for them to bloom! I only have patches of green, but I can't wait for some blooming action! hope your day is happy!

H.R.M. Queen of the Universe said...

I'm living vicariously through your pics. I love gardening, but we still have snow on the ground.

kate smudges said...

Hi Laura,

Your Crocus photograph was beautiful. I like hearing about your Tarot cards - it would be interesting to have a reading!

Have a good weekend ... post more pictures please,