Thursday, March 19, 2009


Ostara... the first day of spring. The natural world is fresh and new as it emerges from the winter sleep. To me, it is a time of growth, renewal... a chance to start fresh or explore something new.

I have been very busy this week and also full of inspiration and ideas. I've made a few things that I'll take to my friends shop tomorrow. Hopefully she will think they are appropriate to sell in her shop. If not, I have other ideas. I've been looking into opening an Etsy shop. I haven't decided yet if I will, but the idea is interesting.

This past week has been a time of purging for me. I've been cleaning and organizing things in my home, getting rid of things that no longer serve or that I never really wanted to begin with. I've taken stock of my oils and herbs, organizing them and grouping them in a more useful manner. I'm finding myself using them more lately and intend for that to continue and increase.

Happy Ostara, everyone. May the spring bring you a renewed sense of purpose in all that you are and want.



Miso said...

Well I look forward to seeing the items you create and if you join Etsy. I've been thinking of going on their myself for a long time. But I am in a limbo of selling old creations and making new ones.

Happy Ostara!

Sara said...

It will be interesting to see the items you create...

I am looking at Spring as being a time of renewal for myself...

Laura said...

Thank you both for your support. Today we are having a beautiful sunshiny day... it is wonderful.

Eve Noir said...

Hello. I know this is in the wrong place (but I didn't want to email ya & you delete it). I saw your comment on Rabid Reflections regarding the Living Dead Dolls, and well let me say 1st, I'm a BIG collector so I'm biased here.

BUT they are well worth the money, and if you only ever got one in your life, it'd DEFINITELY be worth it. Yes, they are all so wonderful, it's hard to choose from. That's why I just gave up saying "I'll just get 1 or 2 from each series"...and then ended up buying the entire series (for cheaper thru websites) for a long time. They are pricey, but again worth it because I'd consider them a piece of art-lots of detail go into 'em.

As for the past few years of collecting 'em, I did only buy 1 or 2 from each series because of $$$ (you're right they are pricey & have gone up in price too)...& I began not to like each & every one like before. But hey, to each his own...just thought I'd tell you a little (well, a lot) about these awesome dolls. Again, they're worth it. ;}

Take care~Eve

Hecate RavenMoon said...

Blessed be.
Yeah, I have been very neglectful of my blog, but I am trying to get back into the swing of things.

I agree with Sara, spring is definitely a time for renewal, and I too am looking forward to some new creaions of my own.

Hope you have a wonderful and happy weekend.