Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wishing moon

Tonight, at 10:39pm edt, is the full moon. Tonight's moon is the Hare Moon and it is also a wishing moon. According to the Season's of the Witch calendar:
"wishing moons occur only four times a year on the moon closest to the sabbats. They are occasions for planning the goals of the coming quarter and assessing the results of the quarter past."

Today is also a good day for workplace spells. If there is something about your work that you don't like, today is a good day to work on changing that magically.

I've been using the 7th House's Seasons of the Witch Planners for three or four years and I love them. They have lots of good information each month on aspects of the moon, times for workings and energies that are available for workings. Plus, the artwork that is lovely.

You can check them out here.

Be sure to check out the moon tonight and don't forget to make a wish...



Dracenea said...

Wow, Laura, your post hit close to home for me today. I had a rough day at work to the point where I almost walked out the door on a place I've been employed at for 8 years.

I knew the full moon was tonight but didn't know it was a wishing moon and didn't know today was a good day for workplace spells. I can't see the moon where I'm at but I wonder if I make a wish and imagine it's glow, will it still work? We shall see.

I'm definitely going to look into 7th House. Which planner do you have? Did you order straight from their site? I always get nervous about ordering from a new site!

Anonymous said...

what great info about the moon. Have you heard of Jan Spiller and her New Moon Astrology. I've used wishes on the new moon and they work.
Nice site
peace n abundance