Tuesday, March 10, 2009


There was a ring around the moon tonight. It is usually a sign of trouble not far off. It makes me anxious. What more trouble do we need? Is it a sign just to those who recognize it as such or does it affect everyone, whether or not they recognize the signs? Are omens really warnings, or have we just come to notice the "coincidence" of things happening at certain times? I guess it all depends on your beliefs.

I for one, believe in "signs" or "omens". I realize now that I was already feeling anxious, before I noticed the ring around the moon.

I'm tired tonight. I think I will take one more peek at the moon, whisper a prayer and a wish and then go to bed.



Rilana said...

I usually notice a ring around the moon. I am not sure I follow omens. I am not superstitious. Well, I can't see the moon much here with the cloudy weather we usually have this time of year. :-)

Patricia said...

I would look at it more like, I've been given a little tip or head's up. No need to worry, just be a bit more cautious or careful with your decisions. I liked your last post too on the Wishing Moon, it was pretty cool!

Miso said...

I've not ever noticed that lol Perhaps I should check.
So as you say depends on the out look, though just be wary and wear a tigers eye, that does just fine in protection and reversing any 'back luck'.

*though personally I don't beleive in bad luck or certain omens ^^