Monday, May 25, 2009


I found the below to be particularly interesting this morning when I opened my inbox. I am off to spend the day with family members that I would rather avoid. Several I utterly despise and many I just wish to not associate with. I'll have to pay careful attention to the day and my reactions to these people.

From: The Daily Om

May 25, 2009
The Start of Change
Breaking Family Cycles
It is easy to believe that in leaving our childhood homes and embarking upon the journey of adulthood, we have effectively removed ourselves from harmful and self-perpetuating familial patterns. In looking closely at ourselves, however, we may discover that our behaviors and beliefs are still those that were impressed upon us during our youth by our parents, grandparents, and the generations that preceded them. We may find ourselves unconsciously perpetuating cycles of the previous generations, such as fear of having enough, not showing affection, and secrecy patterns. Yet the transmission of negative patterns from one generation to the next is not inevitable. It is possible to become the endpoint at which negative family cycles that have thrived for generations are exhausted and can exert their influence no longer. Breaking the pattern is a matter of overcoming those values imprinted upon us long ago in order to replace them with pure love, tolerance, and conscious awareness.

Even if you have struggled with the cumulative effects of family cycles that were an expression of established modes of living and a reflection of the strife your ancestors were forced to endure, you can still liberate yourself from the effects of your family history. The will to divest yourself of old, dark forms of familial energy and carry forth a new loving energy may come in the form of an epiphany. You may one day simply realize that certain aspects of your early life have negatively affected your health, happiness, and ability to evolve as an individual. Or you may find that in order to transcend long-standing patterns of limiting beliefs, irrational behavior, and emotional stiltedness, you have to question your values and earnestly examine how your family has impacted your personality. Only when you understand how family cycles have influenced you can you gain freedom from those cycles.

In order to truly change, you must give yourself permission to change. Breaking family patterns is in no way an act of defiance or betrayal. It is important that you trust yourself implicitly when determining the behaviors and beliefs that will help you overwrite the generation-based cyclical value system that limited your individual potential. Many people are on the earth at this time to break family cycles, for all of you are true pioneers. In breaking negative family cycles, you will discover that your ability to express your feelings and needs grows exponentially and that you will embark upon a journey toward greater well-being that can positively impact generations to come.



Dracenea said...

I know that the day is practically done but I just saw your post.

Hope you made it through the day okay. Dealing with family is a very trying time for me too. :(

Touchatou said...

Nice text. I'll read it when I am in doubt of my decisions.

After years of trying to cope with my family, I find out, the hard way, that they would never accept me as I am. They want me to change back to the docile and submissive daughter/sister that I was.

I can't be that no more.

To break the pattern, I had to break my connection with them. I have never felt so good, which indicates me I am on the tight track...

Take care of yourself and do what you feel is good for you.