Monday, October 22, 2007

Change is good, right?

I need a change, a big change. I've already made a small one. I'm coming back to this blog. I won't be posting on the other one for a while, if at all. I won't delete it. At least, not right now, but there may come a time when I decide to delete it.

I'm feeling a lot of things lately and none of them are good. I've been thinking about a lot of things that I would like to change in my life. My current living situation is fine, it just isn't what I really want. I have a nice small house with a nice yard, but I can't really spend much time in the yard because of the neighbors. I don't remember if I have posted about my neighbor troubles, but long story short... we just don't get along. They are constantly harassing me and I just can't take it any more. I feel trapped when I come home. I feel like I can't really live.

What I have always dreamed of, is a big old farmhouse in the country, surrounded by lots and lots of land. A few weeks ago, after the latest harassment, I started looking for houses. I have decided that if I chose to move again, it will only be to the type of home I really want. I have been in this house for two years. I live only five minutes from work and to find the type of home I want, I'll probably end up at least 45 minutes to an hour from work.

Anyway, while searching around, just to see what was out there, I found it. I found exactly what I have always wanted. The house was built in 1828 and it has been restored and is surrounded by 68 acres of land. Yes, I said sixty eight acres. It is beautiful! I haven't been to see it yet. If I decide to go, I'll have to contact a realtor because it is over the state line. It is also one hour and fifteen minutes from where I currently live.

I don't think the asking price is too much. For the amount of lad and the home it seems reasonable. The only problem is that I don't have the asking price.

I feel drawn to this home, to this location. I don't know how to explain it. I need to figure out what to do, if I should even try to get financing for it. I know I would have to go see it before I made a real decision. Maybe I should start saving my pennies and investigate a way to finance it. One of my co-workers said I need to come up with a job that I can do from home, so that I wouldn't have to commute. It's a good idea. I just wouldn't know where to begin.

Well, enough about my rambling wishes and dreams. Let's talk about knitting. :-)

I finally finished the Iceland Felted Purse. It turned out a little smaller than I was thinking I would want it, but that is my fault for not paying close attention during felting.

Isn't it cute? I like it. I'll start using it as soon as it gets cooler.

Well, I'm off to heat up some dinner and do some crafting. I have a sodalite anklet that broke and I have some ideas on how to fix it and turn it into a necklace. So, I'm going to play with that after dinner.

If anyone has any suggestions for me about making my living arrangement change happen, let me know. I'd appreciate any help. Oh, and if anyone out there feels like giving away $300,000 I'll be happy to take it. I promise to put it to good use! :-)


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