Wednesday, June 11, 2008

retro... let's get back to normal...

Mercury retrograde sucks.

I have had some very bad luck over the two weeks and am anxiously waiting for mercury retrograde to end so that things can get back to normal. Several issues have come up which I'm not going to go into here but this is a brief rundown of the other things that have happened lately:
there was the day a few weeks ago, where I ate my friends lunch (that falafel really looked and tasted like steak) and had to buy two lunches that day
on Monday, I fell going down my front steps to take out the trash. Nothing is broken, but bruises and pain abounds.
yesterday my car would not start and after a rousing game of who is going to tell me the truth just to get it towed, come to find out (at 5:30pm) that the battery and alternator are dead and it will cost approx $588 to fix it. But it can't be fixed until Thursday. So, I'm car less for a few days (very bad timing by the way!) I guess it is a good thing that the economic stimulus check arrived on Monday.
I'm not getting on with my co-workers right now. Two of them got into a religious debate and one of them, that I thought was pretty open minded and kind, actually sat there and insulted me for two hours to my face about my religious beliefs. (Half of which she was wrong about.)

I am so ready for a vacation! We leave early on Saturday morning and are stopping through a small town that my mum and uncle grew up in to visit a friend of the family that is 102. The town is on the way to the beach (sort of) and this may be our last time to see her. I'm looking forward to taking pictures and seeing the town that I used to spend so much time in. I love small towns and would have settled there, but the house I wanted I couldn't buy.

Anyway, then we hit the beach and will be coming back the following Saturday. The weather forecast for the week looks to be perfect! Sun, sand, ocean, pool, fishing, I can't wait! And the best thing about it? No WORK!!!!

Well, I'd better get back to work. I have lots of lists to make to decide what I'm taking with me and also decide what books to get to take. I plan to take lots of pictures and hopefully may even be able to blog from the beach. If not, I'll share when I get back!


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