Sunday, December 07, 2008


I think I've mentioned before that I'm taking an online Hoodoo course. I started in February of 2006 and have very slowly worked on it since. It took me a while to even finish reading the book, then I began working on the homework to turn in. There are eight total assignments, that we are to complete and mail in to the instructor. The last 2008 homework grading is on December 19Th and if I don't get at least some of the homework turned in for the grading, I'll become an inactive student. I really don't want to be deemed "inactive". I don't know why... I think it is the stigma that is associated with being an inactive student. It has been suggested by several students that becoming inactive is an insult to the instructor. I don't know if I agree or not. However, I am going to finish my homework and get them turned in. I really want my certificate!

I have already completed five of the eight, including the documentation to go with them. I have number six almost ready, just have to bag it up and type up the documentation. Number seven is creating an oil. I just finished mixing mine up, I had to come up with my own recipe and everything. This is something that I have never done in my almost 25+ years as a witch. I realized that as I was mixing it together. I'm constantly putting together herb mixtures for candle rubs, or herbal bags, but I had never tried oils. I wonder what I was afraid of. :-)

So, now I have one homework left. I have to make a "mojo bag". I don't expect it should be too hard. I think the hard part is deciding what type of bag I want to make. I'm leaning toward something like a blessing mojo.

Well, I'm going to finish typing up my current homework and then try to get started on number 8. Hopefully, I'll get to the knitting today. Speaking of knitting, I had to frog part of my second sock last night. I was turning the heel when I realized I'd forgotten to go to a smaller needle when I finished the leg. I've also started another pair in light blue that I hope to finish before Dec. 24Th as they are a gift for my mum. I guess I'll be busy knitting... no more early to bed. :-)

And because I really like to have a photo in my posts... I'll leave you with a photo of last night's moon.


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Dracenea said...

Good luck on your homework. You can do it!