Wednesday, January 21, 2009

beastie update

The beast is spending the night at the emergency vet tonight. The vet is concerned that something else is wrong and that is why he can't get regulated with the insulin. They are running a 24 hour glucose curve and so he stays there tonight and in the morning I pick him up and take him back to the regular vet. I assume it is to finish the rest of the glucose curve.

I did make it back to work today. It wasn't too bad a day, long because I was late getting there and had to stay later than usual to make up the time. Tonight will be cold since I don't have my four legged heater with me. :-(

My tarheels play again tonight, so I'm looking forward to that. Hopefully they have their heads in the game and play well.

Anyway, I have nothing else to share tonight. Thanks for all you kind support for the beast. I'm hoping that everything will be okay.



Sara said...

Thoughts for good health headed toward the Beastie!!!

Dracenea said...

I hope he's home now and doing much better.

Patricia said...

Poor Beastie (and you!!!). I hope they find out what's going on and can make him (and you) feel better soon.