Thursday, January 22, 2009

he's home

The beast came home tonight. They say he did well overnight and have switched him back to two insulin shots a day. He still is not eating much and is doing nothing but sleeping since he came home. I had a call from from the internist department at a big state vet school. His doc had called in a referral. I thought she had just called to ask some questions, I didn't realize she wanted him to go there for testing and exams. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to do that. The basic exam and blood work is between six and eight hundred dollars. If he had to spend the night or had to have anything else done, it would go up dramatically. Plus, since the school is almost two hours away, I'd have to take a day or two off from work.

I don't know what to do. I told the internist that I wanted to talk to his doctor and get a better understanding of what they are hoping to get from this. He is only eleven years old. That doesn't seem so old for a lab. My dad's lab lived to be seventeen. But the doctor says that because he has had diabetes for so long (six years) that he is really much older.

Ugh.. maybe after I talk to the doctor I'll feel better or at least know which way to go.

Thanks for keeping him in your thoughts.



Sacred Suzie said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that your sweetie is having such a hard time. I really hope that his health improves and that the medical community start really hearing you. I know that can be quite a challenge.

Thanks for taking the time to wish me a happy birthday, you're a sweetheart, especially with all this going on.

H.R.M. Queen of the Universe said...

Best of luck with Beastie. I don't know about Labs, but I've had 2 Golden Retrievers, and their avarage lifespan is 11 years. Seventeen years is pretty darned old for a Lab. It is so hard to watch your babies go through this.

Patricia said...

I'm sorry and I'll keep you both in my thoughts. Hopefully now that he's home he may start to feel more like himself. I used to work in an ER vet clinic and know all too well how damn expensive everything is. My oldest cat turned 11 yesterday (yep, a crazy Aquarian she is) and I can hardly believe how fast the time goes by. I hope you and Beastie will have many more memories to come!!!

earth heart said...

I m so sorry to hear that your buddy is sick. What is it with diabetes? My nephew just lost his chocolate lab to this. Sending good vibes.

Mojo said...

Man that's tough. But I've always felt like they let you know when it's time. My Lab mix is only six, but I know that ultimately I'm going to have to make that last visit too.

It'd be real easy for me to armchair quarterback here, but the fact is that only you and he know what's best for him. I've spent hundreds -- even thousands -- at specialty vets and missed whole days of work in the process. But in those cases, the dog in question still had a good deal of fight left.

It's never easy to let them go, and no matter how many times you go through it, it doesn't get any easier. The only comfort is in knowing you did what was best for them.

And they know it too.

But I'll keep good thoughts for your guy and hope that he'll rally. Sometimes they do surprise us.