Tuesday, January 20, 2009

keeping promises

So, if you'll remember, yesterday I said that I would be going back to work today and would only be taking time off in emergencies. Yeah..well...I'm not so good with the keeping promises like that. I did have every intention of going, but when I woke up this morning and took the beast out, this is what I found...

Yes.. I will use any excuse to avoid a place that I hate and despise with a passion. Honestly, though, I just feel nothing when I go there. I used to go in and look at my job as being productive and that I was useful to someone. Now, it is just this place that I loathe but yet, pays the bills. That is a very important thing. I try to remind myself that I am very lucky to even have a job as lots of people don't. So, I'm trying to work on my attitude about it. Therefore, I will be back to work tomorrow...

In other news, I finished my k2p2 scarf... or maybe I've already mentioned that? Anyway, here's a pic:

The beast is acting funny today. He's not eating and is sleeping constantly. I'm going to take him in tomorrow for a glucose curve. The roads are too dangerous for me today and plus his vet is not there. I don't remember if I mentioned that over the weekend we changed his insulin. He now takes an animal insulin instead of human insulin and he is taking much less. He was pretty wobbly this morning, so I guess it's good that I stayed home.

yeah.. I know... excuses... :-)



Sage Moonstone said...

Beautiful Scarf!

Do you ever knit any of those gloves with no fingers?? I love those.. ;)

Have a Magickal Day~

Patricia said...

Gorgeous scarf! I may be posting this too late to help, but if the Beast is not eating, his regular insulin dose may be too much for him. Call your vet or any ER vet clinic right away to see if they recommend reducing his dose.

Dracenea said...

OMG! I'm home today from work and I completely understand what you're saying. Maybe I'll make it in tomorrow? I just hate using up my vacation time when the weather is so yucky. Was "the beast" wobbly because of too little insulin? Hope he's doing better today.