Thursday, April 06, 2006

I should be ...

...doing my taxes. Well, going through papers to get all my documents that I need to do my taxes, but I'm just sitting here watching CSI and playing on the computer. I'm so tired. It has been a long week. I didn't end up having my test. I wasn't able to get that stuff down. Or rather I wasn't able to keep it down. So they canceled it and asked when I wanted to reschedule it. I told them they could call me to schedule it as soon as they came up with a way for me to have the test without having to drink anything. So I guess I'll hear from them in a few years. :-)

The weather has been great here lately. A little chilly the other day but very nice and sunny. I'm having trouble waking up in the mornings because it is still dark when I have to get up, but I sure do like the later sunsets. It gives me time to do things in my yard when I get home from work. I still have to find fencing to put up around my vegetable garden. I hope to get that this weekend and get it in next week.

I went to the shop and checked out any wreaths that may have sold, but none had. I can't decide if I should make any more or not. I'd like to, but I don't want to wate my time or energy on them if no one wants them. I'll have to check with my friend that owns the shop and see what she says.

Well, I guess that is about it for tonight.


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