Saturday, April 01, 2006

What I did today...

Wow, has it been a busy day. I can barely move my arms. As soon as my comforter is dry I'm making the bed and getting in it! My day started off fairly usual with going to my mum's and running errands with her. Then a friend called and wanted to know if I wanted to borrow his rototiller so I could get my garden tilled up and get busy planting. Of course I said yes and I haven't stopped since! :-)
I tilled up part of my yard and have a nice size spot ready for veggies. I have to go tomorrow and get a fence to put around it so the big beasty won't pee and poo in it. I also planted some petunias and snapdragons (my favorite flower) in my window box and the leftovers in some pretty pots. I weeded my herb garden, mowed the yard, swept the front walk and the drive. I also have done three loads of laundry. Oh and I installed a new shower head and hung a new shower curtain. Then proceded to test said new items (cause by this time I was really icky).
Jeez...when it is all typed up like this, it doesn't seem like so much...but I'm sure tired. Anywho, it was fun. Tomorrow I am going to get my fencing and maybe get some plants. I'm also going to see my Grandmother. I didn't go today so that I could get the garden tilled. Hopefully she won't be too upset with me for missing. I've got to get back to working on my tax stuff. Only 14 days left...

I need to get my taxes done so I can work on a request scarf and start my altar cloth I want to make. I haven't decided what colors for the altar cloth yet. I also need to stop at the shop and see if any of my wreaths have sold. I haven't kept track of which ones I've taken up there so I need to make a list so I'll know what not to make until it sells. I sure hope they are selling.

I'm going to sign off now. I'm starting to fall asleep at the keyboard.

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