Saturday, April 22, 2006

It's been a while...

It has been quite a while since I posted. Not because I haven't wanted to, but because I just haven't had the energy. I've been sick again. I was out of work for two days this week with migraines. I really need to find a way around that.
I've done alot of work in my yard lately. I was able to get my fence put in around the garden (to prevent the beastie from peeing on the plants) and was also able to get my veggies planted. I put in a couple of squash, a zucchini, couple of tomatoes (one cherry, one regular), a jalepeno, couple habaneros, and a couple green bell peppers. I think I have room for some garlic and I picked up one more tomato plant at the farmer's market today. In addition I picked up some herbs to add to my bed: rue, cilantro and pennyroyal. These will be added to the herbs that I have already put in: rosemary, lavender and english mint. At an herb and plant sale a few weeks ago I was able to find mandrake, a very difficult herb to find in my area. I had to do some research on the net to see how best to plant it and I hope that it will live. I was so excited to find that.
When I'm searching for plants and herbs I have to constantly remind myself that I can't plant everything I want to have at one time. It is going to take time for me to get my flower and herb gardens the way that I want them. I have to be patient. :-)
I watched Practical Magic the other night. I love that movie. I love the clothes the aunts wear. And that house is just beautiful!
Speaking of houses, I'm so angry and sad. As a prelude, in case I haven't mentioned it before, I love old houses. I think they have such character and were built so well, and they should be preserved as often as possible. If it was up to me we would never tear down an old home to put up a condo or parking lot or strip mall. Older homes and buildings would always be restored. Anyway, there is a house near where I work that was built sometime between 1850 and 1870. A developer bought the land a few months ago and the state preservation society listed it on their site. The home was free to someone who would move it and restore it. Did you see that?...FREE!!! Of course it is not a small house and would need a good size plot of land to be put on and is built of brick so would be very very difficult to move. Well, as I'm driving downtown last Wednesday to pick up some lunch, I see smoke coming from that area. At first I thought some idiot had set it on fire accidentally. Then when I get up to the house, I see... a bulldozer. A BULLDOZER! Those money grubbing self absorbed assholes were tearing it down! They didn't even give the locals a chance to go in and pull out the good stuff like moldings and windows and hardwood floors or anything! Those BASTARDS! I swear I live in the wrong time period because it literally hurt my heart to see that building being torn down. And do you know what they are going to build there? CONDOS! $200k to 400k for a condo! I feel like the city and the state preservation societies really dropped the ball on this. There was nothing in the local paper or news about it being torn down so soon. In fact, it is still on the preservation society's website as being available!
I'm telling you, when I win the lottery or come into a bunch of money, I'm going to start buying these old houses/properties and saving them.

Okay, rant over...I think. :-)

Anyway, family is coming in for a late "easter" lunch. I spent most of today fixing what I could get ready and tomorrow I'll finish everything else. Oh, last week at a yard sale I picked up an old rocker (it looks antique) and will re-upholster it this summer sometime. It is beautiful!

I think I'll go read for a little while. I need to do some knitting but I have a library book I need to get back and should get it finished soon.

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