Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Yule and Blog-versary...

Happy Belated Yule to everyone! I hope that all my witchy friends have had a great holiday. I didn't have time to get online and say hello, but I hope it was great for you and yours. And to anyone reading that isn't of the witchy/pagan variety, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and so forth and so on. :-)

Well, in our family we had "christmas" early this year. We had our big family celebration on Saturday and then a smaller one this evening with just my mum, sil and brother. Yesterday I was only allowed to open one present and it was the Sony DSC-H2 that I've been wanting! Woo Hoo!

Tonight I got, a carrying case for the camera and a 1gb memory stick for it. I also got a purple sweater, a green and white sweater and a pair of black jeans, a bottle of my favorite perfume (Euphoria by Calvin Klein), some wooden spoons for the kitchen, a cute spoon rest for the top of the stove, a really cute little jar for lemonade ( I love lemonade), lots of money and a speaker set for my mp3 player. I think there were some other things, but I just can't remember what they are right now.

Anyway, since I haven't been online the past few days, I also missed my blog-versary. On the 22nd it was 1 year since I started the blog. It has been an interesting year and I feel like I've met some nice people. Thanks to you all for making me feel welcome in the blogging world.

I'm off now to finish watching "The Family Stone." I've seen it before it before, but it is very good. I'm going to probably go to bed as soon as it is over. I'm pretty tired from all the running I've been doing.

Hopefully things will slow down a little now and I'll get to post more often.

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