Thursday, December 28, 2006

I hate being sick...

I still feel horrible today and I absolutely hate being sick. I can't breathe, have to blow my nose every few minutes and can't stop coughing. My mum is going to be in the area this afternoon and will bring me some medicine and juice. The stuff I've been taking isn't helping at all. I ended up staying home from work as I just couldn't pluck up the energy to go in.

I'm thinking about changing my blog template. I have found one that I like, but I'm not sure it suits the theme of my blog. Maybe I'll change that too. I just don't know, maybe a mind full of woozieness is not a good time to make decisions! :-)

Anywho, back to HP and the Goblet of Fire (for about the 20th time) and my kleenex...


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