Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Stuff on my mind...

It is so cold outside! I love it! I went out this morning to get my tree stand out of the shed and couldn't believe how cold it was. It feels so good. I never could find my tree stand. I have about decided to forego the whole decorating thing. I'm so not feeling the spirit right now.

Over the weekend I helped my mum and grandmother get ready with there decorations and had really become excited about decorating. And then yesterday I awoke with a migraine and serious sinus issues. Today I have a sore throat to add to the mix. I think I'm getting very sick. I really feel lousy.

I was able to get two mini wreaths done last night. That was all I had the energy to complete. I have to start working on them right after the new moon comes so that I'm not so trapped for time when I finish them. These two will just have to do until next new moon. I'll get started earlier next time.

I have been having really bad luck with presents for my friends and family. I had ordered several things for several members of my family that were just perfect, but they went into backorder status and are just now shipping to me. I have to send them out again once I get them to get the present completed, but I just will not have time now. I'll have to use them as birthday presents or save them until next year for holiday presents. I was able to get my mum something, but she was in the store when I got it and I'm afraid she saw it and won't be surprised. I need to get to serious work on my Grandmothers scarf if I'm going to give it to her for yule. I don't know what else to do for her so this will have to be it.

It seems like this month is the busiest time for me. I have at least two things scheduled each week until just after yule and then nothing. Oh, except, in January, I'll be taking Knitting classes!!! I'm so excited! The lady called me on Friday to see if I was still interested. It is a beginners knitting class and it starts in January and goes for 8 weeks. Yay!!

Anywho, I've got to make a list of who I want to get presents for and what I want to get them. I had planned to limit it to just family, but one of my friends, whose daughters are like my children, wants to get together, so I'll need to get gifts for the girls and her and her husband. Then there is my friend who asked me to be more involved with their family, "We make our own families" she said, and I'm am now the goddess mother to her children. (We liked it better than godmother) :-)

So, lists to make, things to decide, work to do, laundry to wash, house to clean, it never ends...


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Patricia said...

Sorry to hear you're under the weather. I love the "goddessmother" idea, sounds really beautiful! Regards!