Friday, March 02, 2007

Exciting new projects

So, I have some new things going on that I think are pretty neat. I have decided on my next knitting project and am looking forward to starting that. I'm going to get yarn this afternoon!

Earlier this week I signed up for a hoodoo class and am really looking forward to doing it. Part of the agreement to take the class is that I can't share materials from the class with anyone, so you won't see me post those things here. But I will probably talk about my reactions to the things I'm learning. One of my friends told me she was taking it and when I read about it from the website I was thrilled. It sounds like just what I've been looking for. I told a mutual friend and now we are all three taking the class. Woo hoo!

So, things are very busy and picking up steam. I'll try to post when I can and when I feel it relates to either knitting or my spirituality.

Enjoy the full moon tomorrow!

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