Monday, March 12, 2007

New Knitting Project

I have found my next knitting project. It is a Iceland Felted Bag. Here's a picture of the yarns and pattern that I will be working on. It wasn't my first choice and wasn't even my second choice, but at least it is a project.

Anyway, I hope it will turn out okay. I haven't started it yet, but really want to soon. Class doesn't start back until next Tuesday and I'd like to get a start on it before class. We shall see.

This weekend was interesting in the occult genre. Friday night I had to help a friend cleanse a room in her house. There was some sort of energy there that was seriously creeping out her two sons. It seemed better when I left and when I talked to her the next night she said it was much better. It was nice being able to help her in the cleansing. It felt pretty good to use that side of myself.

Saturday night I went to the second meeting of a women's group, but did not have a good time. I'm not sure exactly what caused my issues, but I could not stay in a good mood. I can't quite put my finger on it, I don't know if I was just tired or if there was someone sending out bad energy. There was a presence that was there and was very distracting. For some reason I couldn't block it out, when usually I can. I don't know... I haven't been able to block much of anything lately. It is causing me serious migraines and a lot of lost sleep. This coming weekend I'll be participating in my first voodoo ceremony. I'm excited but am also very nervous and intimidated.



Jayme said...

Can you turn someone into a goat for me?

Laura said...

Nope, sorry, no goats... :-)

Patricia said...

I attended a pagan meetup group yesterday (I think we may be living parallel lives sometimes). It was ok and I think I'll go another time at least before I write it off but it was a little odd. I hear what you are saying about the energy, definately makes a difference!