Wednesday, November 07, 2007

We have HEAT, baby!

Yes, we have heat! This morning around 1:30 I woke up freezing my booty off and decided it was time to turn on the heat. When I flipped the switch, nothing...nada...zilch. Being 1:30 am I refused to go outside in the 30 degree temperatures to check the breaker and I could not find batteries to change in the controller so I added two more blankets to the bed, snuggled up to the dog and then went back to sleep.

Work was a nightmare today so I wasn't able to address the heat issue until this afternoon. Luckily, when I flipped the breaker off and then back on and went to try the heat again, the furnace kicked right in. What a relief! It is supposed to get down to 27 tonight and I don't think I could have taken it. :-)

Sock class was last night and let me tell you, I have a new found appreciation for anyone who can actually knit socks. How in the world do you hold all those needles? I had to start over three times but may be getting the hang of it. I'm trying to decide if I want to work on the computer tonight or if I want to knit. I should probably knit while I can remember what she told us, but part of me wants to just surf the net tonight.



kate said...

You are a braver woman than I am! The thought of using more than two needles or circular needles scares me. I guess that's why I stick to scarves, even though I yearn to try making a hat and mittens.

I would need to keep on knitting to make sure I have the technique down. Good thing that your furnace worked. It isn't pleasant when the temperatures drop and there isn't any heat.

In your comment, you mentioned doing encaustics work. I would love to see some examples. That sounded so cool!

H.R.M. Queen of the Universe said...

Knit, for Heaven sakes Knit! If you are like me, knitting time is precious and scarce.