Sunday, November 04, 2007

Whirlwind and knitting

This week has been an absolute whirlwind of activity. On Halloween, we had a party at work and I was part of the "entertainment". I was to be the "gypsy fortune teller". I did tarot readings from 8:30am until after 1:15pm. I was shocked at how many people wanted readings. I was also kind of surprised at how accurate most everyone said I was. I know I shouldn't doubt my abilities, but it has been ages since I have done readings.

Anyway, the most disturbing reading I gave was for someone who has been referred to on this blog before as T for trouble. I hate seeing myself in a reading. Ugh... I tried to explain what I saw, but I don't think T took it seriously. I hope he did otherwise things could be grim for him.

Okay, so now to the rest of the whirlwind, I have spent almost every waking moment knitting on the baby sweater for my s-i-l's sis. I was doing really well until I finished the second sleeve on Friday night and discovered when I held it up that the sleeve was in the middle of the back. Duh! I had to pull it out and then start that part over again. I did get it finished 15 minutes before I was to give it to her. Here it is:

I'm really pleased with how it turned out and with how I did in fixing my mistakes on my own. Most important the mom to be loved it. :-)

Yesterday, I took a ride up the mountain to look at a house that I am interested in. In this post I wrote about needing to find a new dream. Well, I may have found it. The home I am looking at is 1 hour and 30 minutes from my job. That is the only negative thing about this property. The house was built in 1828 and sits in the middle of 68 acres of land, most of it wooded. There is also a nice stream that runs through the property and it has a great old barn and a nice sized workshop that is relatively new and wired. I am really crazy about this property. It is exactly what I have wanted for more years that I can count.

The price is a little more than I'm comfortable with but I think it is doable. I just don't know who long I can drive 3 hours a day to work. If I decide to buy this property, it would be a serious life change. I know it is where I should be. Even before going to see it, I did a working on the night of the full moon to start the process flowing. I admit, I am a little scared. It would be such a change. I would be very much on my own. I'm so used to having my family close by and not having to take care of everything on my own. But it really is something I want.

I know, I've started rambling. I think I'm trying to work this out in my head, by writing here. Well, I'm going to stop writing about it and just leave it at this. I'm going to meditate on it and also ask my guardians to help me decide what to do. I'm sure I'll post about it again.

Well, I'm off to relax. My whole body needs to stretch and relax from all the tension in getting that sweater finished. Hmmm, I wonder what is on the TV tonight.


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Susan said...

You might be able to swing that commute. It takes me 90 minutes to drive 30 miles to work on a good day (yay for Boston traffic!) and even though I think it's a drag sometimes, I like where I live and where I work and I can't see changing either. I think that you are looking at this potential move intelligently, so go with what works for you.