Sunday, December 09, 2007

new theme

I really wanted a wintry theme for my blog, but I can't find one that I like that I can make work. So, I went through Blogger's options and chose this one. I needed something light. The dark background was beginning to depress me.

I'm watching the Steelers vs Patriots game now. It is currently halftime. I know... thrilling right, you are just so glad you know this about me. :-)

Not much knitting has been going on around here lately. Mostly just sleeping, wrapping presents and well, more sleeping. Today the temperature reached over 70 degrees. It sucks! 70 in December? There is something just so wrong about that. I think this week will be warm and it will get cold again next Sunday. I really hope so. I need cold and snow!

I thought I'd spend some time surfing. I may try to figure out this whole template thing and get one that I really like. We'll see...

Go Steelers!


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