Saturday, December 29, 2007

Holidays or Lazy days...

I was so looking forward to having time off during the winter break. I only had to take 3 vacation days from work and would end up with 11 total days away from work. I had so many things I wanted to get done, so many projects. So, what have I done this week, nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I have sat on the sofa and watched movies for days. Every day that I did nothing, I felt what little energy I had was draining away. I've slept very late every day and have napped as well. I have not knitted one single stitch and my house is a regular disaster. I hate this time of year. I always get like this right between Christmas and New Years. I was finally able to get moving a little today. I slept late but had to be at the vet by noon to pick up more medicine for the beastie, so I got up around 9, took a shower and headed out. I stopped for gas, picked up the medication at the vet and then went to the grocery. When I returned home I was able to keep going and cleaned most of the kitchen, cleaned the litter boxes, swept the floors, did several loads of laundry and worked on cleaning up my bedroom. It had become the storage room when I cleaned out the computer room and hall. I made a little headway, but there is still a way to go. I hope to have the energy to work on it tomorrow.

I'm already dreading going back to work. I don't have to return until Wednesday, but there is some work I have to do remotely before then. I am determined to go back with a better attitude and to keep my mouth shut about things. There is so much there that bothers me, but there is really nothing I can do about it and I can't afford to get fired, so, zip it! :-)

I've been thinking more and more about "the property". I still have my treasure map of it and have a candle that burns for it every day. I've also been working with Saint Expedite to bring it to me quickly. I still love that place and want to live there. But sometimes, I feel that I should just make the best of things here. Maybe I should put up my fence to block out the neighbors and just work as best I can here. I don't know any more. The thought of all that peace and quiet, of all the land that would be mine. It just makes me smile and makes me feel at ease. I'm so tense here all the time. But am I making myself tense?

Oh well, enough of my rambles. I'm going to finish watching Baby Boom (a top five favorite of mine) and then who knows... maybe I'll work on the afghan, or start my second pair of socks.


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Malicious Intent said...

Greetings SpiritWitch. Came across your blog on my travels today. I am a 38 year old witchy poo too!
I know how you feel about this time of year. Always have so many projects I want to get done, but the energy does seem to vanish from the intention when it comes to actually "doing it." I think that is why January through March can be such a difficult time....we just start off on the wrong foot..well we start off on our butts tired from the short days and long nights.
Well Happy New Year and hope to see/hear from you in the future.
Brightest blessings,