Wednesday, February 01, 2006

still bitchy after all these years...

Alright, I know I'm still being bitchy but damnit, I have to get this out somewhere or it will eat me alive. My supposed friends are sitting around in front of me talking about sending flowers, or balloons or a gift basket to a co-worker and his family due to their new baby. And part of the conversation was about how they sent stuff to another co-workers daughter when she had surgery last year. Well, some friends. When I had my surgery I didn't even rate a phone call or email. 6 weeks I was all alone and not once did any of them try to contact me. Am I wrong in being a little p'ed off? I guess they don't really consider me their friend. I'll remember that when I'm supposed to do something when one of them has a new baby (which should happen soon, as one of their wives is due next month).

I guess I'm being selfish in wishing that someone, anyone cared about me enough to send flowers or even a phone call would have been nice. Sorry for the pitty pot three days running. Maybe it is the lack of winter weather, but I'm just down.


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