Friday, March 31, 2006


Woohoo...It's Friday! I'm actually kinda happy about this one. Usually I'm down on Fridays as I have to be away from certain people for two days and also because I just don't do well without a daily schedule to stick to.

I hope to get my garden tilled tomorrow so that I can start to plant. I also have to finish going through some files of papers getting everything ready to do my taxes. I can't believe that I'm still not done with my taxes. I'm never this far behind.

And then on Sunday I begin the lovely process of prepping for a medical test on Tuesday. It isn't a fun test and the prep is a lot less fun. (Use your imagination!)

Anywho, I'm still so confused about T. One minute he is flirting and coming onto me and acting as if he cares about me and the next minute he is ignoring me. It is so difficult to deal with. Maybe these few days will help. I don't know why I think that when I was away from him for over six weeks and he never even contacted me. Of course when I got back he said he had missed me and really seemed like he had. I don't know. I'm so confused!

Oh well, time to start planning my vegetable garden. Tomatoes...squash....peppers....hhhmmm..what else do I want?


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