Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Whew...I'm glad that is done!

So yesterday turned out to be a banner day. After my counseling session on Monday, I felt such relief and set about turning my place/life around. Yesterday, I took the day off, only half a day really as I was getting the other half already, and got my car fixed, mowed my yard, ran tons of errands, did laundry and cleaned the kitchen.

I also talked to my neighbor about the latest goings on between us. She said her dad did all the work and he owns the house and she would talk to him. So last night he showed up and we had a nice conversation and I think we are both okay on where the line is and all that. I'm hoping things will improve between my neighbor and I and that I will be able to stay where I am.

I still want the house in the country and to live there, but it just doesn't seem very practical right now.

I did have one big scare yesterday, when I came home from running errands, I came in and put my stuff down and Dylan was not at the door to greet me (very unusual). I went to the bathroom and saw him lying on the bed as I passed the bedroom and thought that he would jump right up.

After taking care of business, still no Dylan so I went into the bedroom and looked at him, and I swear he was not breathing. There was no movement at all. I said his name a few times and there was no response, I started to panic and yelled his name and up popped his head and he jumped down and came to me. I guess this means his hearing is starting to go. I have noticed I have to repeat myself when I call him or speak a little louder. He also can't see at night. If it is dark, he walks into everything, including me. Oh my.

Now I am back at work and things are not as great as they could be. Hopefully, if I can continue to keep this good attitude, I'll be able to make it a little better.

Now for a picture...

This is also a photo from the beach trip... there is just something about the lights on the water that gets me on this one.

Back to work now...


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