Friday, September 05, 2008


I try not to blog about my job. I try harder to keep from revealing too much information if/when I do talk about it. I'm going to stick to that right now. What I am going to say, is that I'm fed up. I am so sick and tired and frustrated and disgusted with our company. There are actually hundreds more adjectives I could use to describe how I feel right now, but they might be redundant. I think you get the point.

In December, I will have 10 years with this company. I will start getting longevity checks, I will get more sick days and vacation days. If I can stay for the next 20 years, I can retire at age 59 with full retirement benefits (including health insurance). This is all great stuff and wonderful reasons to tough it out.

I honestly think the job will kill me before I reach my 30 years.

I'm looking for a new job.

Wish me luck.



Rilana said...

I wish you all the luck, in finding a better job. :-)

H.R.M. Queen of the Universe said...

Luck to you.