Saturday, December 24, 2005

400 channels and nothing to watch...

How can there be over 400 channels on TV and nothing worth watching? I'm sooooo bored. I need to go to bed as I must be up by 5am to get started on the cooking. However, I'm not really ready to go to bed yet. I had a lousy time last night. I went to dinner with family and was miserable. Since last year I've just not been good around people. It hurts so much to be around families and children. Sometimes I still think hear a baby crying even when there is no one around. Well, I'm sure the goddess has her reason, but I wish she'd have explained it or at least let me understand why.

Back to the tv...Lifetime is not a fun channel. Why is everything on there so depressing? Only one football game on tonight and I'm not familiar with the teams so that is out. At least my NFL team did well today. Go STEELERS!!

I started a new scarf tonight. It's the color of fall leaves. It is really beautiful. I wasn't certain I would like the yarns I put together but so far it is lovely.

I guess that is it for tonight... blessings


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Rochester said...

Hehe, 400 channels and not a thing worth watching on any of them! Isn't that the truth. I can get only 9 stations of mostly nothing with my rabbit ears, but at least they don't cost anything! Cheers!