Monday, December 26, 2005

wasted days...lonely nights...

I have done nothing today. I wasted the whole day lying on the sofa, flipping channels and sometimes reading. I really do much better with planned out days. Maybe I should have gone shopping this morning. At least I would feel like I had accomplished something. It is quiet here tonight. The kitties are all napping and the dog is in his room sleeping. Sometimes, well, often I wish there was another human that I could share my life with. Being alone all the time is very sad.

Okay, enough of the pity party. Isn't the movie Miracle on 34th St just great? I like the one from the 90's with Mara Wilson as the little girl. She is adorable. I wonder if she is still acting. Anywho, I have searched the channel guide and can't find anything I want to watch tonight. Maybe I'll put in my new DVD. Brad Pitt would be an intertaining evening. :-)

Ugh, the beast is barking his head off...I wonder what has him in an uproar. I didn't hear anything. Oh well...I had best go check the laundry. Must have something to wear when I go back to work tomorrow. At least it should be quiet at work and I can get my office area cleaned up.


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