Wednesday, December 28, 2005

It's been rather a slow day at the office today. I have accomplished quite a lot but it feels as if it has taken forever for the day to end. I'll get to leave soon and head out for errands and then home to relax. Well, not too much relaxation as there is a ball game on tonight that will be stressing me out a bit. My UNC Tarheels will be playing UNC Asheville and I'm hoping the heels will have a good night. Sometimes they are right on and sometimes they seem distracted and don't play well. I'm right impressed with the team this year. There was so much hype after last years win and then all the top players leaving. What ever happened to team loyalty? It really is a money hungry world. - down from the soapbox now-

I'm getting kicked out of the office so the guy can lock up...guess this means I get to leave a little early! Yay! Off to errands and home... wait...what is that I hear? THUNDER? It is!! Woo hooo...snow in 7 to 10 days! Yippeee....


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