Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Random stuff....

Thanks to the criminal masterminds at the network channels, I'm very frustrated right now. My two favorite shows are currently on and of course stupid me can't make my vcr tape a channel I'm not watching. (I MUST figure that out!) Everytime a commercial comes on one channel, I switch to the other hoping to see enough to know what is going on but ... the other channel is on the commercial too! Arrgghh...those bastards! :-)

Not to mention bowl games are on... looks like clemson is going to be able to pull it out. Abby from NCIS is hilarious. Geez, Mark Harmon is gorgeous. He is one of those rare men that just get better looking with age, like George Clooney and Sean Connery.

Oh, here is a tip, when purchasing tree skirts for under your holiday tree, check the label to see if it is machine washable. I found out tonight that the one I'd spent $10 on is not washable. It says to spot clean with a slightly damp cloth. Well, there is no such thing as "spot clean" with cat puke. I love my kitties, but sometimes...

Work was pretty lonesome today. I saw a total of 3 different people. There was no one in my group at the office at all. It was amazing how much stuff I got done with no one else being around. It was so slow that I was able to watch a few movies while working. I saw "Millions" - very cute and touching, "Cry Wolf" - not bad, and "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" - excellent movie, I was very impressed. I started "The Island" but didn't make it through the entire movie before it was time to go, but it was pretty good.

I need something to read. I haven't read anything great lately. I have been re-reading some Nora Roberts books. I'm not really sure what kind of reading mood I'm in. It is hard to judge sometimes. If there are any suggestions, I'd appreciate them. Of course that would imply that someone is actually reading this. (If so, sorry for the boring rubbish...) ;-)

Almost time for "House". That is an EXCELLENT show. Hugh Laurie is fabulous in that role. I had hoped to get the first season as a holiday gift (it was on my wish list) but I didn't get it. I've got to find it though. It is definitely one of my must haves. I wish they would bring back Tru Calling. I thought that was a pretty good show. Maybe they will at least release the eps they did have on DVD. That would be cool.

Anywho, I'm gonna check the laundry and do some surfing. Have a great evening.


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