Wednesday, January 16, 2008

getting there...

First, let me say thank you to Queen and Draven for their comments on my post yesterday. Don't worry. I'm not suicidal or even homicidal, just really depressed. But the good news is, I'm feeling better today.

I got out of the house today, just a short trip to grocers, but it is progress. I didn't spend all day sleeping either, which is what I've done the past several days. I talked with my supervisor and let them know I needed some more time away from work. I have the rest of this week off and since Monday is a holiday, I don't have to go back until Tuesday. I think I can have myself back together by then, at least enough to be able to work.

This is what I'm looking at today. I love Christmas cacti, although this one turned out to be a new year's cactus. It has three big beautiful blooms on it right now. It is so cheerful.

I've also started a new project. I've decided I don't like one of the colors on my afghan, the color I am currently knitting on (a sort of grayish green) so I've put it up until I can get to the shop to pick another color. For my new project, I'm doing a second pair of socks. I'm going to follow the pattern more closely this time, doing the ribbing all the way down the leg instead of just at the top inch or two. I've chosen a purple colorway for this pair. If you click on the picture you can probably see the color better.

When I went to the store, I noticed this in my yard:

Yes, those are daffodils coming up and yes, it is the middle of January. It has been warm and I guess the bulbs have just been tricked into thinking that it is spring. That is all changing tonight supposedly. We are currently under a winter storm warning. Last I heard we are expecting about two inches of snow before it changes to freezing rain and sleet. I'm hoping for the snow. I am planning on making chili tomorrow since the temperature is going to be in the low 30's. It will be a nice day for chili and to curl up with yarn and needles.

Anyway, I'm feeling better and wishing for snow. Thanks again for the comments and concern.


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Draven said...

Glad your feeling better today... I know how its is getting in a funk and not being able to get out... And being at a job you dont like doesnt help... Hugs...