Thursday, January 03, 2008


It is so cold! Today's high was 33 but felt like 21 with the wind chill. I love the cold, how the breathe freezes in your throat. The only thing missing is snow! A friend of my mum's who lives in Maine sent her photos of the snow that they have received. It is so beautiful!

Here it just remains cold...bitterly cold.

New Year's Day I woke to no Internet service. My modem had died a horrible death during the night and it was late yesterday before the cable company could send a service person. What a person they sent! :-) When I opened the door there was the most beautiful man standing there, and when he spoke, I swear I almost swooned! His name is Ian and he is British. I don't know why, but accents from the British Isles just tear me up. Scottish, Irish, English and especially Welsh, I just melt! Unfortunately the hottie cable guy is married. Figures!

It has been a short work week, but a busy one. One of my "wishes" for strength in my job and patience has been going well so far. I think it helps that there is only one more day.

Well, I don't have much else to share tonight.

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kate said...

I'm like you with the accents. They make me melt as well. Too bad he was married, but at least he fixed your internet. I hate being without my internet connection.

Happy New Year to you, Laura!!