Thursday, March 02, 2006

Break time...

I had a few mintues of downtime while I wait for a server to finish updating so I figured I'd pop on in here and express a few thoughts. I'm tired. I'm down in the bone tired. Do you ever get that way? Where you can barely scrape up enough energy to breathe? Well, that is how I'm feeling today. There is still some evil little creature chipping away at my brain with a sledgehammer. It's been going for quite a while now. I'm not sure how much I can take. I guess if it keeps up I'll have to take one of the magic pills that make me loopey and knock me out. But I can't do that until tonight.

I think I need a new look for my blog. I have searched around for a new template, but can't find one that I really love. I'll have to keep looking. If I knew anything about web page design I'd start making my own. I guess I could add that to the million and three things I want to do at some point. Oh well...

A good friend of mine welcomed their new baby into the world yesterday. I'm very happy for he and his family. I know he'd been wanting to have more children for the longest time. It must be nice to be able to bring a new person into the world. I wish I had some idea of what it is like to experince that. Maybe in my next life. :-(

Looks like the updates are almost done, so I'd better get back to the grind.


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Manic Witch said...

Email me off list and I can send you the code for the knitting progress bar. And if you go to the bottom left of my blog, there is a link to where I got my "skin". She has a bunch of other great stuff too, if you want. I got sooooooo tired of Everything there was anime and it looked like my 12 year old make them. I'm *just* a little too old for that.

manicwitch at gmail dot com