Friday, March 24, 2006


I'm feeling very unsettled lately. I have no idea what it is that is bothering me. There are several things happening around and to me lately that could be causing it, but something tells me it is something else entirely. I just feel... off. I feel closed in and almost buried. I do not know what it is, but I must find a way to shake it.

Here is a picture of the last wreath I made. It is called a Spirit Wreath and is sold in a very cool shop in my town. I make them between the New Moon and the Full Moon and they are charged on the Full Moon with the intent of what they were created for. This one is Spirit of Luck.

The picture isn't great, I must get a digital camera soon. The ribbon is a light green and it as metallic gold stars and green shamrock around the outside. The bag on the right contains an herbal mixture for luck and there is also a buckeye. Anywho, just something I do sometimes that I thought I would share.

I need to get back to knitting. I 'm thinking of knitting an altar cloth and felting it. Of course, I've never felted anything and have only ever knit scarves. I would like to try something new though. A store in town is going to have a Learn to Knit class in April that I think I might take. I really want to learn to do more with it.

I just can't shake this icky feeling. Something is wrong and I don't know who it is or where. I hate waiting for the answer. I get these feelings about things sometimes and then they actually happen, or someone will tell me about something that has happened and I'll just know it.

Well, it isn't as if I can force it, so I'll just wait. I think I'll go to bed. The migraine is getting stronger and I'd like to get an early start to the day tomorrow. I have a lot I'd like to get done.

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