Friday, March 10, 2006

Thank the Goddess it is Friday...

It has been a long week. I've been the only person on my team available at work. The rest have been in class all week. It went a lot more smoothly than I was anticipating, but it still wore me out. I've been getting to bed about 9 every night and not having the energy to do anything at all around the house. I also haven't had time for knitting or any other craft projects or working in my yard. It has been great weather for yard work this week. I need to make a few wreaths to take to my favorite shop. Last I heard, the last bunch I took in haven't sold yet, but the owner says not to fret that she is confident they will sell. She even asked me to go ahead and make a few more. I'll have to post a pic of one when I get the next batch done. I'm not sure when the full moon is this month. I think it is on Tuesday or Wednesday next week and that doesn't leave me much time. I have family coming in this weekend so I'll be tied up with that all weekend. There is just too much to do!

I'm so tired. I have to at least stay awake another hour or so to see the second half of the UNC vs UVA game. I love basketball season! Well, College Basketball season that is. I've never really like pro basketball. March Madness is definitely in effect in my house. :-)


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