Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The hand is some better today. The area around the broken finger isn't as sore as yesterday but the finger is still stiff and painful.

T is causing trouble for me again. I really think I hate him sometimes. He's gone from being a tease last week to just a general jerk this week. I'd like to knock some sense into his big head, but he wouldn't listen. Maybe I'm the one that needs some sense knocked into me. I have got to get over my feelings for him.

I'm also frustrated with one of my doctors. They ran some tests last week and I still don't have the results. I called this morning to check and they haven't called me back yet. So, I'm frustrated not knowing what is wrong. Oh well, nothing else I can do about it.

I wish I could see the eclipse tomorrow. I've always been fascinated by those. They are just so magical. I guess tonight I'll work on my taxes some more. I need to do some cleaning, but don't know how that will work with one hand. Most of what I have to do requires two hands. :-)

Oh well, only an hour left of work... bleh...


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