Monday, July 03, 2006

Long weekend...

It feels like I had a long weekend, but I didn't. I went shopping with SIL on Friday afternoon and didn't spend nearly as much money as I thought I would. Yay for me and self control. I did get a neat cookbook that I can't wait to use called "The Well-Filled Tortilla". :-)
Saturday I went shopping with mum and lunch with Grandmother. After lunch I wasn't feeling well so I took at nap at her house. Sunday was the same and also another nap. I mostly stayed indoors on Sunday afternoon because of the heat. I hope to do the same today but mum has plans to come over after work and help in the yard some more. I think it is too hot to be out there, but there is no stopping her.
When I got home yesterday I was flipping channels and saw on BBC America a show called "Hex". It is pretty interesting. I don't quite get all the nuances and stuff yet, but I really liked it and ended up watching a few of them (they were having some sort of marathon). I was shocked when they actually showed someone "flipping the bird" at another person. Then I remembered this is a British TV show and they take things farther than the puritanical americans do. :-)
So, I'm back at work today and hoping for a slow day because it is just too hot to go anywhere. I forgot to bring my lunch but have decided to just find something in the machine.
Anywho, I'm gonna run now and find something to do.

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