Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Monday...no wait...Tuesday?

What day is it? It feels like Monday. It has been a crappy day all day and it is hotter than a mo-fo outside. I was in a fog most of yesterday so today has felt like a Monday. I'm in such a crabby mood and I am supposed to go to dinner tonight with my father, stepmother, brother and SIL and I really don't want to. My house is a wreck, my yard hasn't been mowed in two weeks and I think I'm wearing my last clean pair of undies. And you know what is so sad? ... I just... Don't.... Care.
I gotta get out of this funk I'm in. I slept most all day yesterday, except for a dentist appointment that I managed to drag my lazy butt up for. They had rescheduled me twice and then called on Friday to confirm but wanted me to come in earlier than they had scheduled me for and I agreed. I showed up on time and then they act as if I don't even have an appointment. But the receptionist says they would see me in a few minutes. Finally, 30 minutes later, they call me back. The lady doing the checkup is new, and rude as hell. She asks to go over my medical history and then asks about my oc and if I'm on meds for that. I explain no, they think they got it all with surgery and I didn't have to have c and r treatments. Then two minutes later she asks me if I'm pregnant. WTF?
Anyway, she gets on me about flossing after practiacally slicing my gums into shreds then another lady comes in and asks if she is about done because there is a man who has been waiting 5 minutes. Um, Hello? So guess what they do so the gentleman (who isn't complaining btw) doesn't have to wait any longer? They move me. They made me get up and go into another room so the dentist could see me. Then...he comes in and tells me I have a cavity in a place where they have already filled 4 times previously. I mention this and they are like Oh, my we will have to look into that. I say again, WTF?
So needless to say when I left there I was not in any better of a mood than when I went in. I went home and went back to bed.
I did manage to get up this morning and make it in to work, but it took a lot of arguing with myself to do it. I hope I can make myself get up tomorrow.
Okay, I'm stepping down from the bitch stool now.
In other news, I picked another zucchini yesterday, and a tomato and also two green peppers. I think I'll have to freeze the bell peppers as i don't know that I'll be doing any cooking anytime soon. But I can freeze them and then use them in my chilli in the winter.
I've also started reading The Historian, by Elizabeth Kostova. It is pretty interesting. I've been wanting to read it since it first came out, and finally I am getting the chance. I hadn't realized it was such a big book. 642 pages!

Well, I'm off. Need to do some more work before the day is out.

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Manic Witch said...

What assholes!
Give Queen of the Universe a shout. Her (nearly former) office is great. At least from a patient's perspective. Of course, you would have to trek out to the Chicago burbs, but for a great dentist, how far would anyone be willing to travel? Hmmm?