Monday, July 31, 2006

Root Canal??? NOOOOOOO!!!!!

So, the Tooth saga continues. I went to the dentist first thing this morning and they took an x-ray and said I would have to have a root canal. And they were doing it right then. I asked if I could be treated for the infection first and then come back and he said no, we need to do this now. Then I mentioned that I passed out on Saturday. He stopped cold. He said there was no way that the toothache caused me to pass out and I needed to see my regular doctor immediately. He also took my BP thinking that he would just check it before he started the procedure. It was 176/96. He put away his tools. He sent me to my general physician (who happens to work in the building next to his).
My GP saw me right away when I walked in and explained the situation (even though I haven't been in there in over a year, cause they stopped taking my insurance) and he did blood work, an exam, took my bp (180/120) and then did an ekg. He said the ekg was pretty normal but there were a few things that could have been caused by the high bp. He is going to send for the blood work and when it comes back they may have to adjust my bp meds or add another one. I asked him about the "vertigo" spell I had a month or so and he said he doubted it was vertigo and that probably it was from whatever is causing this problem with my bp and stuff.
So...they will call tomorrow with the blood results. I have to call the dentist in no longer than 2 days cause he wants to get that tooth taken care of ASAP. (He could feel the knot of infection in my upper jaw). I will also probably have to go back to the GP later in the week for more tests/go over new meds, etc.
I guess I don't really mind. So long as the other hasn't returned.


H.R.M. Queen of the Universe said...

I am very happy to hear you are getting all these issues under control. I realize how hard it is to face up to something when you hate it so much. Truth be told I'm happy that you will be on antibiotics for a few days before you get the RC done.

Manic Witch said...

Queen is right. You really should have an infection under control before someone goes fiddling around in your mouth.

Good luck to you. I hope this doesn't take long and you are all healthy, happy and smiley soon.