Monday, August 21, 2006

Can't see the house for the grass...

You know that saying, You can't see the forest for the trees? Well, at this point, I can't see my house for the grass. At least it feels that way. I haven't mowed in two weeks and was planning to do it tonight. I took the gas can with me to work so I could stop at home and get the gas for the mower. I took it into the office so that it wouldn't explode in my car or make the car smell so bad (heat and gas fumes - ick!). Well, when I left the office this afternoon, guess what I forgot to get? The gas can. I couldn't go back for it because they lock the building down after 5 and I can't get back in. So, the grass is still growing! I MUST mow tomorrow!

ugh ugh ugh...
I sent an email to that lady I wrote about yesterday. I hope it doesn't turn into a bad situation. I feel really bad about it, but there is just no way to work it out right now.

When I was in the shop this weekend I got a new book and some candles. They also have a frequent shopper discount thing and I earned another gift certificate to spend. Yay! The book is New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller. I'm looking forward to reading it. From what I have heard aobut it, it gives different ways to make "wishes" on the new moon based on the astrological locations. I need to check it out tonight or tomorrow since Wednesday is the new moon. Tonight is the season premier of Prison Break! Yay!!! I'm looking forward to that and also to the series premier of Vanished. It looks like an interesting show.

Anywho, I'm still hunting for a good deal on a digital camera. I want one really badly. I have a ton of mail to go through and much work to do tonight. So, the oven is warming (for leftover veggie quesadilla), the pepsi is cold and I'm getting ready to sign in to work and get on it.

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H.R.M. Queen of the Universe said...

Let us know about the camera. I bought one last Christmas very cheap and now I want to ebay it and get a decent one.