Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Today I felt like I was having withdrawal. I went back to work today after being home yesterday with a migraine and insomnia. After getting there and getting settled in I go to log on to my blog and come to find out that it is BLOCKED! A new web filter was put in last week and now they are blocking blog sites. They are also blocking most of my pagan sites, stuff like Witchvox, Circle Sanctuary, etc. I'm so pissed. I got to looking at the block messages and those sites are listed as blocked because the software company considers them to be "Cults". WTF? I was, of course, able to get to Focus on the Family and Billy Graham sites. I'm ill. I am going to complain to our network department and to the software company. It is fine if they want to block the pagan/witchy sites so long as they block the christian sites, as well. If Billy Graham isn't a cult leader, then who is? ;-)
Anywho, my root canal has been moved up a day. I go tomorrow to have that done and can't tell you how much I want to be through with it. Hopefully it will go well.
Time to go pay bills.


Manic Witch said...

Good luck with the root canal. {hugs}
And congrats on letting them have it with the whole discrimination issue. Thats what it is, you know. Discrimination. Fine, block the pagan stuff. But just make sure you block the christian, jewish, muslim and hindu stuff.
Wait, that would include most of the news that is going on in the world.

Ary said...

Thanks Manic. I'm just glad it is over. :-)