Friday, August 04, 2006


I was able to stay awake last night until after 11. That meant, I got to watch HEX. I really enjoy it and since it was the season finale of season 1, I had hoped to see it. I believe the show was on a few years ago in Britain and is undergoing some sort of revival on BBCAmerica. This summer they are going to start showing Season 2. I think, if I remember correctly, the series was cancelled after the second season. So, I'd best watch while I can.
Last night's episode was the best I've seen so far. If you are interested, I think there is a marathon on BBCAmerica starting at 9pm on Saturday. (I believe that is 9pm Eastern time).

Anywho, I'm still very tired. I really think this medication is wiping me out. That and the heat. It is so hot. I can't breathe when I step outside, so of course, I'm staying in as much as possible. Which means my herb bed is in desperate need of weeding as is part of my veggie garden. I hope when the temps cool down at bit to hit the weeding hard.

"T" is after me again. He goes through periods of barely speaking to me and then goes back to wanting to spend time with me and trying to carry on these 'intense' conversations. I'm just trying to stick to my guns and not give in to the temptation that he presents. Especially when, in the past, after I have given in I have immediately regretted it (and sometimes regretted it during).

Well, I think that is all for now. I hope to have more interesting things to say later.


Rue said...

I really enjoyed HEX. I've seen both seasons and I have to admit that I'm partial to the first one. I think they ran into to trouble when they began to be described as the UK Buffy, because it really wasn't.... until second season where, well, you'll see. :)

H.R.M. Queen of the Universe said...

Yep, stick to your guns. I know it's hard to resist, but you will feel better in the long run.